Gifts For Gun Lovers 2023

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Gifts For Gun Lovers 2023

Looking for a gift for a gun lover, and aren’t sure what to buy? We have you covered; BCA has hundreds of gun options! Not only do we offer complete AR-15s, AR-10s, handguns, AK-47s, and shotguns, we also have the best parts such as complete upper assemblies, lowers, magazines, barrels, BCGs, and more. We also carry an extensive selection of gear, optics, and related merchandise for hunters and shooters alike. 

Budget-Friendly Gifts for Gun Lovers - Under $50


Every shooter uses magazines, and we could always use more! All you need to do is figure out what caliber they are shooting and choose from there. You can find AR-15 mags, AR-10 mags, PCC / Handgun mags.

Bullet Pen

The Bullet Pen is a nice stocking stuffer. It’s a good conversation starter and can be put to use!


You can’t go wrong with a pack of targets for any gun lover. 

Ambi Charging Handle

An Ambi Charging Handle is a great upgrade for an AR-15. This will work on any rear charging AR-15!


Even if the gun lover you’re buying for doesn’t wear hats often, hats are a must for the range. It keeps the hot brass and sun out of your face. If you’re looking for gifts for hunters, go with the blaze orange hat.

Affordable Gifts - Under $100

Red Dot

Whether they already have one or not, a red dot is a great gift for gun lovers. Having an extra is always great and it just might pair with another gift you get them:)

Glock Barrel

If they own a Glock, a Replacement Glock Barrel could be a cool gift for them. Depending on their style we have flashy gold or subtle Bear Claw fluted.

Rifle Bag

Again, even if they have one already, having extra Rifle Bag is good and it could potentially house the other part of your gift.

Gun Enthusiasts Gift Ideas Under $300

Range Finder

A Range Finder is perfect for the hunter or long range shooter. Could even come in handy on the golf course.


Now, not all our uppers are under $300 but enough of them are for us to get away with it. All you need to know is what platform their lower is, AR-15 or AR-10. These are great gifts for shooters and hunters!

Here are some recommendations.

-          For plinking and general use pick 5.56 NATO

-          For big game hunting pick 450 Bushmaster  or 6.5 Grendel.

-          For big game hunting with an AR-10 pick 308 Winchester.

-          For long range shooting pick 6mm ARC


Binoculars can be handy for all gun lovers. both the hunter and long range shooter.

CYT Red Dot

While we featured a red dot previously, this CYT Red Dot is motion activated and has a sleeker, slimmer design.

Gifts for your Gun Lover from $300 to $1000

Genes1s II

If your gun lover is in the market for a new handgun, look no further than the Genes1s II. The Genes1s II is a metal framed striker fired semi-auto handgun chambered in 9mm. We have 5 different variations with 5 different barrels from black nitride threaded to gold threaded to Bear Claw fluted unthreaded.

Cerakoted Rifles

We have a great selection of Cerakoted rifles, so you’re bound to find one they love. Check out the Proud to have served cerakote if you’re shopping for a veteran. Check out our entire cerakote collection


If they aren’t into cerakoted rifles, you can always get a non-painted one! Check out our selection of AR-15s, AR-10s, and PCCs

Gifts for Gun Lovers - Sky’s the Limit! 


This is for the even bigger game hunter, the long range shooter, or the bigger is always better shooter. The BC-8 takes the modularity, ergonomics, and lower recoil of the AR-10 and expands upon it, literally and metaphorically, to create an AR platform that can shoot the bigger, long action rounds, such as 30-06, 300 Win Mag, and 270 Win.

Tanfoglio Handgun

Tanfoglio is an Italian company producing beautiful handguns. If your gun lover is more into the 1911 style of handguns, take a look at Tanfoglio

F.A.I.R. Shotgun

F.A.I.R. shotguns are for the sports shooter and hunters. These Italian shotguns are a treat to shoot and don’t disappoint! 

If all else fails

Gift Card

Gifts for gun lovers can be difficult, thats why the safest option will always be a gift card. Don’t think this is a bad present, any gun guy or gal loves buying guns and gun stuff. So, think of this as buying them a shopping spree!

Gifts for hunters

When buying gifts for hunters, it’s good to keep in mind the type of hunting they do. Good gifts for deer hunters are hunting hats, hunting ammo, maybe a new upper, or maybe even a new rifle. Good gifts for duck hunters, or bird hunters, would be hunting clothing, bird calls, or a new shotgun

Gifts for Firearm Lovers

Let’s talk about gifts for gun lovers. Small items such as a cleaning kit, merch from their favorite gun company, an ammo can, or rifle bag make great gun lover gifts. If you’re willing to spend a bit more cash, you can’t go wrong with a new upper for their AR-15 or AR-10! Consider what type of shooting they do most and buy accordingly. Long range shooters might use 6mm ARC and need a spotting scope or binoculars. Plinkers, or shooters that just shoot for fun, might use 5.56 NATO and need a red dot, iron sights, or just a hat to keep the sun out of their eyes.

How To Gift a Firearm 

There is no law against purchasing a firearm with the intent to give it as a gift and it is perfectly legal to give it to a friend or relative who lives in your home state. But do keep in mind your state laws on gifting a firearm. Some states require you to transfer the firearm through an FFL, which means an instant background check will be run, and some states, like North Carolina, don’t require you to go through an FFL at all. Also, be sure the person you are gifting the firearm to can legally own or be in possession of a firearm. 

The best advice we can give on this topic is check with your local laws, talk to a lawyer, and talk to your government officials. 


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Anthony Mardarello
January 5, 2023
Do you sell .308 upper side loader stripped receiver only?
Thomas Schmalz
October 12, 2023
Chat didn’t answer! Is the 18” 450 bushmaster going to have a price drop again. If so, going to pull the trigger.
December 6, 2023
will you be offering a .400 legend upper soon
Deez Nutzs
December 21, 2023
Are yall going to make a 8.6 black out upper? Seems like you wouldn't be able to keep it in stock...
Billy Wilson
January 4, 2024
I'm in hopes that you will chamber 5.7 x 28 uppers. This is becoming more a popular caliber. And not many are offered for the ar-15 platform.
John Hardin
March 20, 2024
Does Bear Creek offer Military Discounts?
March 20, 2024
Yes we do you can email any form of credentials and your account can be toggled for that discount to be applied to your account.
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