.224 Valkyrie

The 224 Valkyrie cartridge is a .22 caliber rimless bottlenecked intermediate rifle cartridge that was developed by Federal Premium Ammunition in 2018 to improve on the performance of the .22 Nosler while remaining compatible with modern AR-15 sporting rifles. Using the same bullet diameter as 5.56 NATO and a necked down larger case from the 6.8 SPC allows for both a heavier bullet weight and higher muzzle velocity you always stay on target even in adverse conditions. This incredible caliber makes the perfect addition to any armory so shop for your next complete 224 Valkyrie Upper from BCA and start making shots over 1,000 yards today!

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  1. D&H | AR-15 .224 Valkyrie 25RD Magazine
    Special Price $29.74 Regular Price $34.99
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