458 SOCOM Complete Uppers

Shoot 300 grain bullets with a complete 458 SOCOM upper from Bear Creek Arsenal and never miss your shot! Developed in 2001 for the U.S. Special operations, .458 SOCOM is now a front runner for hunting large game. Whether you are using supersonic or subsonic ammo, the stopping power is sure to stop your target in its tracks. The high recoil and stopping power of 458 SOCOM upper builds make it a great choice for a fun day at the range as well! Our 458 SOCOM complete upper assemblies come with a bolt carrier group, charging handle, upper receiver, and barrel so you have everything you need to start your build! Don’t miss out on these incredible uppers and be sure to check out our lineup of 458 SOCOM barrels to customize your build further and create something truly unique.

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