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350 Legend Complete Uppers

Drop an incredible complete 350 Legend upper on your mil-spec AR-15 and begin hunting for deer and other medium-sized game today! Originally designed to meet the requirements to hunt in Midwest states, 350 Legend is an extremely popular straight-walled round for its high penetration and stopping power combined with low recoil and cheaper ammo costs. Bear Creek Arsenal 350 Legend upper assemblies come with everything you need to shoot out of the box including a bolt carrier group (BCG), rear or side charging handle, upper receiver, barrel, and handguard. Hunt with your AR-15 complete 350 Legend upper from BCA and experience high performance backed by a limited lifetime warranty. And be sure to check out our wide selection of 350 Legend barrels to customize your build even further!

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"Carving out a niche in the competitive firearms industry, BCA offers an attractive blend of quality, variety, affordability, and exceptional customer service. This unique mix has resulted in a robust customer base that respects Bear Creek not only as a firearms manufacturer but as a trustworthy and reliable brand."


-Unrivaled Craftsmanship and Affordability: Exploring Bear Creek Arsenal’s Impact on the Firearms Industry

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