AR-15 Pistols

Find your next AR 15 pistol from Bear Creek Arsenal. We offer a variety of pistol-length AR-15s with different barrel profiles, gas systems, and both side charging and rear charging styles. Perfect for home defense, plinking, or short-range hunting, our AR15 pistol selection is made in America and backed by a lifetime warranty! AR-15 pistols have a barrel length that is shorter 16 inches and must have features such as a pistol buffer tube or pistol brace to not be classified as an SBR. The overall length of an AR pistol is not to exceed 26 inches and concealed carry is an option for AR pistols as they are not classified as a rifle. Browse by popular AR 15 pistol calibers including 300 Blackout pistols and 5.56 NATO pistols. And if you prefer a longer barrel, check out our huge selection of AR-15 rifles and find the perfect one for you.

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