.22 Magnum (WMR) Uppers

Shop high performance .22 WMR complete uppers from Bear Creek Arsenal! .22 WMR is a high velocity, light recoil, rimfire cartridge capable of taking small game and varmint with cheaper ammo than 5.56 or .223. .22 WMR has 50% more power from the muzzle than .22 LR and an effective range of about 100 yards. Our .22 WMR complete uppers come with everything you need to start shooting out of the box and are built with the same quality materials and QC checks as our ultra-popular AR-15 complete uppers. Shoot more and spend less with a .22 WMR complete upper from Bear Creek Arsenal! If you are looking for a complete build, check out our incredible selection of .22 magnum rifles.

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