12.7x42 (.50 Caliber) Complete Uppers

Find the perfect complete 50 caliber AR upper from Bear Creek Arsenal and shoot with incredible accuracy! 12.7x42 is a short-range, high stopping power caliber capable of shooting 400 grain bullets from an AR-15. Our 12.7x42 uppers are manufactured here in North Carolina with high-quality steel and aluminum to ensure high performance and durability every time. Both our rear and side charging 12.7x42 complete uppers are compatible on mil-spec AR-15 lowers, although we recommend adding a heavier buffer to reduce recoil even further. Shop today and start your hunting and plinking journey with a 50 caliber AR upper! Don’t miss out on these amazing uppers and be sure to check out our lineup of 12.7x42 barrels to modify your build further and create something truly unique.

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