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Product Questions
Is my BCA BCG staked?
Yes! We have changed to staking BCGs from the side instead of from the top. All BCA BCGs are rated for full auto, this side staking process has proven to increase the longevity of the BCG and hold on the gas keys. If you have further questions, please...
What mag works best for BCA 9mm's?
Check out our AR9 and Genesis Mags here:
What Gen GLOCK do you replacement barrels for GLOCK work with?
Our BCA 19 and 26 barrels for GLOCK work with gen 1 through 5 GLOCK pistols. Our BCA 17, 22, and 23 barrels for GLOCK work with gen 1 through gen 4 pistols (They DO NOT work with gen 5)
What platform pattern are your AR10 Uppers?
Our uppers are made based on the DPMS Gen1 Low Profile model. With the AR10, there are many different designs and models out there, and each company tends to create and design its own unique platform.  For that reason, we cannot guarantee the fitment...
What magazine/ammo does BCA recommend for each caliber?
Caliber Magazine Ammo Grain Weight Ammo Brands   BCA Status AR15 - 223/5.56 MagPul PMAG, MFT 55, 69, 75   Sierra   AR15 - ...
Are your side charging handles reciprocating or non-reciprocating?
They are all reciprocating
What side do your side charging uppers eject?
It depends and should be listed on the item description. Most of them eject right side; however, we do have left side ejecting as well and will always be listed as such.
How do I remove my barrel nut?
Your barrel nut should come off using a wrench and some force. If you are having issues try heating up your barrel nut to loosen any oil that has bonded to the surfaces. If this still does not work send an email to ...
What hex size can be used on my handrail screws?
MLOK Split Rails 9/64 Allen Key MLOK Gen 3 Rails 25 Allen Key or 25 T-Key
What is the thread pitch/thread size/muzzle size on your products?
The muzzle tip/threadpitch is listed under each product in the "More Information" section! Here is a full list. Caliber Muzzle TP AR15 - .223/5.56 1/2 x 28 AR15 - .224 Valkyrie 1/2 x 28 AR15 - .300 Blackout 5/8 x 24 ...
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FFL Questions
How do I buy a firearm online?
I have a copy of the FFL paperwork where I want my items sent to. How do I get this information to you?
Just have them email it to us
Can I buy a complete upper without an FFL?
You do not need an FFL to purchase a complete upper. They will ship directly to your house. 
I have an updated FFL. How do I send it to Bear Creek Arsenal?
The email our FFL team uses to reach out is and the same email address can be used for them to email the FFL certificate directly. If it is easier to fax, they can fax to 919-556-...
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Ordering and Shipping
When will my order ship?
Please allow 1-14 business days for orders to process after submitting. Our company policy is 1-14 business days for processing, but we work very hard to get orders out as quickly as possible. Most (but unfortunately not all) of our orders are processed...
Do you ship to P.O. boxes or carrier stores?
We do not. Currently, we ship to FFLs for FFL items and your home address for nonFFL items.
Will I get an e-mail saying that my order has been sent out?
Yes, you will receive a tracking number once it is shipped.
How to get a Bear Creek Arsenal gift card?
Our Giftcards are available for purchase here:
What is a region id?
Region ID is your shipping address identifier. If you get a Region ID error you have not selected a shipping address during checkout. 
Why is my order still pending?
Please reach out to us on our customer service email with your order number for further assistance.
What does "On Hold" mean for an order?
Currently, we are undergoing a new verification tool to ensure orders are legitimate orders placed within our website, this is to safeguard our company but also to safeguard our customers. When the 3rd party system flags an order, they are either placed...
Why is my discount coupon code not working?
We do provide Discount Codes; however, you would have to enter at the time of checkout. These codes normally do not apply to items already on sale, complete firearms, lowers, or MAP (3rd party items that are not made by BCA) Please login to...
Does BCA offer a military/1st Responder/Law Enforcement discount?
Yes, we offer discounts to military/1st responders/Law Enforcement. You can email to submit your information for verification. Once received the information will be reviewed and approved. Once approved, you can log...
Can I cancel a order?
Once we receive an order and the payment is made, we cannot edit, modify, or cancel it. We can view the order, but it will not allow us to make changes to the order. Our process for return or cancellation of an order is as follows: You may refuse it...
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Warranty and Returns
What happens if I receive my product and I change my mind?
BCA cannot change orders after they have been placed but we do offer a 30-day money back guarantee. These 30 days are from date of purchase which is the day you submit your payment on our site. Purchases made using a BCA giftcard will be refunded in ...
What is the procedure for warranty and what does it cover?
BCA warranty is a limited lifetime guarantee and is designed to cover any possible manufacturing defects and issues caused by assembly. If you are dissatisfied with your product, please use our web return portal or email us at 
Once BCA receives my warranty return, what can I expect?
Please allow our warranty team 7-10 business days after your product arrives at our manufacturing facility to assess, repair/replace, and contact you. Once they have fixed your product, they will email you what was done to it and provide tracking for...
What voids my Bear Den Guarantee?
Cutting, modifying, or misuse of a BCA product Having another manufacturer work on a BCA product Damage caused by using high velocity or high-pressure ammunition, tracer ammunition, or hand-loaded ammunition Normal wear and tear
I painted my BCA product, what happens if I need to send it in for repair?
The product you will receive back will be repaired but we cannot ensure that your customization will be able to be maintained. 
How long does it take to process a return and issue a credit
Our request to our customers is to allow for 1-14 business days to process the returns. At times we can get this completed earlier but it does vary in time, thus the request for 1-14 days. 
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