BC-9 9mm Bufferless Carbine: Unheard of SALE

9mm bufferless pistol
March 17, 2023 Edited April 24, 2024 4663 view(s)
BC-9 9mm Bufferless Carbine: Unheard of SALE

BCA has taken portability to a whole new level with a new line of bufferless AR pistols and rifles. The BC-9  bufferless pistol sports a 5-inch free-float barrel and a 4.5-inch M-LOK Handguard, making it the shortest, most stowable PDW AR on the market. Enjoy more comfortable shooting, more concealability, and enhanced customization with the versatility to go from shooting a handgun to an AR with the same ammunition!

Abandoning the need for a buffer tube, the entire action, and operating assembly for the bufferless pistol and rifle will be housed in the upper receiver. By creating a lightweight bufferless AR platform, the BC-9 has eliminated the need for pistol braces which have been recently restricted. The BCA bufferless rifles and pistols will feature Bear Creek Arsenal’s Gen-2 side charging handle, allowing the shooter to charge the firearm while staying focused down range and on target.

With a 1913 Picatinny adaptor outfitted on the rear of the rifles and pistols, it will allow shooters to attach a folding stock (all NFA rules apply). The 5” pistol weighs in at 4.4 lbs and the 16” rifle weighs in at 6.8 lbs. The BC-9 9mm carbine accepts any 9mm Glock-style magazine for an easy transition from handgun to AR.


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Terry Warren
March 24, 2023
The first thing I thought of when I received the email about this bufferless pistol was are you going to make one in 10mm, I have been a 10mm fan long before they started to get popular . Then I received the email about the AR 10mm pistol and short barreled rifle, so is there a chance of a 10mm bufferless pistol with a 10.5" barrel ? I would love to have a complete set with my favorite pistol caliber. ( one caliber for reloading and when TSHTF)
Terry Warren
March 24, 2023
Waiting for the 10mm. bufferless with 10.5" barrel for hog hunting ????????
March 27, 2023
Will the uppers by themselves be available again ?
BCA Customer wants to buy !!
March 29, 2023
It would be great if BCA would have the AR10 side charge upper,308 Again! C'mon folks, all you have to do is not assemble a few uppers. Less work! I'd like 2!
March 29, 2023
We have lots of .308 options here: https://www.bearcreekarsenal.com/calibers/308-winchester/308-complete-uppers/right-side-charging.html?stock=1
Rick Cancino
March 29, 2023
Hello, The wife fell in love with her friends 9mm right charger, I love how comfortable and confident she was with it. She chose, learned and assembled her own lower and was being stubborn wanting to wait till it went on sale and now asks me to check three times a day for 9mm upper. Thanks in advance for any answer to these questions so I can move on. Why are there No 9mm buffer less uppers available even though BCA makes them? Has BCA ever offered a 9mm right charging with buffer uppers ? Was this a legal thing or a BCA thing?
Freddie Colter
April 2, 2023
Will the 9mm bufferless upper be available again at a later date??
April 8, 2023
I'm in agreement there. I also hope they make the new .45acp complete upper available. I have the 9mm bufferless it is fantastic. If they make a bufferless .45ACP complete upper I want to be first in line to try.
Andrew Schmersahl
April 13, 2023
I recently ordered my BC-9. I would like to add a folding stock. Do I need a tax stamp for that and when do I need it? Before I buy the stock? Before I attach it?
April 20, 2023
When BCA makes an AR5.7 for the 5.7x28, I don't think I will be able to resist the temptation of buying it. I hope BCA makes it.
Carl Colasacco
May 23, 2023
The Aberdeen Police Department received the BC-9 9mm bufferless blowback gas system firearms. I was impressed with the out-of-the-box accuracy and no issues with the pistol. It is now part of my SRT team. This pistol and other rifles from Bear Creek Arsenal will become part of the Aberdeen Police Department and my collection
steve dozier
May 24, 2023
Can I buy just the Bufferless 9mm upper and BCG in 9mm?
May 24, 2023
https://www.bearcreekarsenal.com/calibers/9mm/9mm-complete-uppers/bufferless.html All of our 9mm uppers are listed here and ALL of our uppers come with the BCG and charging handles
Thomas Gray
June 4, 2023
can you leave the stock on a bufferless rifle or does it have to come off?
ken flowers
July 19, 2023
will the 9mm bufferless conversion kit becoming.
Scott Hall
April 28, 2024
I was excited when I heard BCA manufactured and released a bufferless AR upper. My next thought was when is the 300 blackout version coming?
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