BCA February Newsletter

BCA February Newsletter
February 27, 2024 Edited April 2, 2024 292 view(s)
BCA February Newsletter

Bear Creek Arsenal February Newsletter

Welcome to the February edition of the Bear Creek Arsenal Newsletter. Two major events happen in February: Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day. It is a good thing that they are not on the same day. If they were and the groundhog saw his shadow, there would be six more weeks of candy and flowers!


There are a lot of great things happening at Bear Creek Arsenal. The first is a first for BCA: a non-AR platform rifle: the BC201. It is in .22 Long Rifle and is now available on the website. The features include:

1)      Hogue over-molded textured stock with integrated sling mounts for no-slip grip and easy sling attachment

2)      High performance bolt with enhanced firing pin for reliable operation and ease of disassembly for cleaning

3)      Ruger BX High Performance Trigger for clean, crisp break

4)      Match grade 16” 416R Stainless Steel Bull barrel for superior accuracy and less cleaning 

5)      Barrel includes an 11* target crown and a .920 diameter for enhanced accuracy and less barrel heat-up 

6)      Patented side-charging action for fast reloading

7)      7075-T6 aluminum receiver with the M1913 integrated picatinny rail for solid optic mounting

8)      Detachable 10 round rotary magazine which fits flush with stock

9)      Compatible with many aftermarket Ruger 10/22 parts including magazines, trigger packs, and barrels.





Just around the corner in late March is the BC202 which is the big brother of the above BC201 but in .22 WMR (.22 Magnum for us old timers.) It will have all the same features as its little brother but packs more punch.


A little further into the calendar is another first for BCA: a polymer lower 9mm pistol coming in April. Some of the features will include an RMR cut for optics and slide serrations. More details will be available soon.


By the middle of summer and in time for hunting season will be a lever action (which was featured at Shot Show) and two new AR calibers: the .22 ARC and 8.6 Blackout. 


The .22 ARC will be in the AR15 platform. Muzzle velocity is +/- 3,300 FPS, around 250 FPS faster than the 5.56 Nato. While 300 FPS slower at the muzzle than the .22-250 (which is in the AR10 platform), at 250 yards and further the .22 ARC has superior ballistics and better wind deflection. 


The 8.6 Blackout has created quite a stir in the gun world. It is a shortened 6.5 Creedmoor that is necked up to .338 and will be offered in the AR10 platform. It uses the same BCG and magazine as the .308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor. Several specifications are quite amazing: using a 10.5” barrel with a 1:3 twist rate, it is advertised as a three-hundred-yard subsonic caliber! Bullet weights are as follows: subsonic: 285gr. to 350 gr., supersonic: 160gr. to 225 gr.

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Enjoy all your BCA products and above all:  BE SAFE!!!

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Rickie Jenkins
March 5, 2024
what america needs is an affordable belt fed ar upper chambered in 223 wilde similar to mcr belt fed.
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