January | BCA Newsletter

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January | BCA Newsletter

We appreciate your reviewing the January Newsletter. There is a lot happening at Bear Creek Arsenal so let’s get started!!


NEW .22 Long Rifle

In short order, BCA will launch a first: a rifle that is not in the AR platform. We call it the KEEMODE. 

We saw a need for an accurate, well-made .22 Long Rifle that is affordable, reliable, and versatile. Below are the features:

  • High performance bolt with enhanced firing pin
  • Over molded Hogue stock with ergonomic design and integrated sling mounts
  • 7075 T6 aluminum receiver with integrated picatinny rail
  • Ruger 10/22 compatible magazines and fire control group
  • Enhanced (patented) charging handle
  • Easy bolt disassembly for cleaning
  • Stainless steel .920 diameter barrel
  • Barrel options include fluting, length, coating, threaded or 11* target crown

The new KEEMODE rifle is the ultimate rimfire experience for shooters of all ages and skill levels. It is ideal for target shooting, plinking, and small game hunting. It is also compatible with a wide range of aftermarket accessories, such as stocks, barrels, triggers, magazines, and more. You can customize your KEEMODE rifle to suit your personal preferences and needs.


BCA is branching out even further with an update to a classic design. We took the venerable lever action (the one in every cowboy move ever made), removed the tubular magazine, and replaced it with a standard AR magazine. Now you can shoot spire point and even full metal jacket bullets without worrying about a chain-reaction like the tubular variety. There is no longer a seven or eight round limit on ammo. To unload, just pop out the magazine, no more having to work the lever on each round.


For the traditionalists, we will also make a Lever Action with a standard tubular magazine. Calibers and other options are still being decided upon.


6mm ARC

BCA continues to add to our line up of calibers for our AR platforms. The 6mm ARC is now available in several barrel lengths and configurations. This caliber fills a caliber gap as it has virtually the same velocity as the 5.56 NATO but uses a heavier bullet, making the point-of impact energy higher and can take larger animals with virtually the same recoil.

BCA Giveaway

Be sure to enter our latest giveaway: SHOOT FOR THE STARS on our website. Free to enter. The winner walks away with the following prize package:

-          .308 22” 416R STAINLESS STEEL Rifle

-          Two MFT 10-Round Magazines

-          BCA Rifle Scope 3x9x40

-          Two BCA 1.25” QD Sling Swivel Mounts

-          Black Diamond DC-4 Angled Foregrip

-          100 Rounds Cutting Edge .308 Ammo


BCA has implemented major price reductions on most of our manufactured guns and components. Watch for flash sales and other promotions for some of the lowest prices available anywhere. This is consistent with our philosophy of providing quality firearms at an affordable price for the everyday American.




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Kevin Vorwerk
January 20, 2024
Love the items I’ve bought in the past. Now I’d like to see a little more of a custom build to the uppers such as a 300 blk with a A2 front sight and a 10.5 inch barrel
Kenneth Dronsfield
January 20, 2024
I, for one, am really looking forward to seeing the new 'lever gun' being produced by BCA!!
William Winter
January 22, 2024
What is up with me all a sudden not being able to buy from you a long gun in Maryland?
January 23, 2024
Unfortunately, shipping rules and state regulations have changed and are updated here: https://www.bearcreekarsenal.com/bcashipping
Morris Rogers
January 23, 2024
I just received my first BCA product. Let's just say I'm greatly impressed! I received an 18" bear claw upper that's a side charger. What an awesome quality piece of equipment! Have not shot it yet but the quality speaks for itself. I have no more need of buying much more expensive uppers! I love your company and have been following for a while before purchasing. I'm not disappointed and expect to be even more delighted once I put it through it's paces! Please keep up the great work.
Rick Young
January 24, 2024
Any thoughts on 400 legend?
Greg McKinnie
February 16, 2024
Well, I for one, absolutely love your products. I build my own ARs. And a friend of mine told me about BCA. Let's just say that I'm thoroughly impressed with your quality. I bought a 22 WMR 16" upper and absolutely love it. I also purchased a 20" 243 barrel for my hunting build I did in December. And I just received my 10.5" upper yesterday for my 22 WMR pistol build. I shot it today and didn't want to put it down. Everything was at a very reasonable price. And shipping was fast and hassle free. I'm a huge fan for sure. Keep up the good work.
Devon Stavrowsky
March 3, 2024
I have a number of Bear Creek rifles, and am very happy with all of them. What I'd really like to see is BC develop a really long range rifle.... say in a .338 Lapua.
Christopher Gilliam
March 18, 2024
I'm thinking to add to the BC-8 line up...but I'll love some modern options like the 300 Prc and 7 Prc...and of course the cou de gra the .338 Lapua magnum....that would be a hell of seller...espically if the put a great BCA stainless barrel...(they are very good with their stainless heavy 416 barrels) and make that 338 a real competitive shooter in a AR format...or even a bolt action AR..that could make some serious waves in the industry and would be an instant hit. That's longe range at the max size most are willing to go...a rifle that almost seems unchallenged at 1000yards and the attention it would receive at the large range I live very close too that has members from other states. They would all see me shooting and be all over me
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