March | BCA Newsletter

March 27, 2024 Edited May 30, 2024 352 view(s)
March | BCA Newsletter

Welcome to the March edition of the Bear Creek Arsenal NEWSLETTER. For some reason March triggers a lot of sports fans to get mad. It is all over the TV. Could be the pollen.


The 6mm ARC (6mm Advanced Rifle Cartridge) complete upper assemblies are already available in 16’, 18”, 20”, and 24”. An array of parkerized, stainless steel, fluted, heavy and M4 contour options can be selected. This is a multi-use caliber. It is perfectly matched to deer-sized animals out to 500 yards (point-of-impact energy over 900 ft. lbs.) Target and competition shooters appreciate the low recoil and phenomenal accuracy. Its parent case is the 6.5 Grendel so both calibers use the same magazine and bolt carrier group.

Back by popular demand: 5.56 Nato in 22” and 24”. Long-range shooters love these for the extra velocity they provide which translates to better down-range accuracy. Availability will be on the website by the middle of April.

An update: The BC-202,  in.22 WMR (.22 Magnum), will be available in late April. It will have all the same features as the BC-201 (.22 Long Rifle) which is already available. 

Be sure to check the website for THREADED BARRELS in the .22 LR in the near future. Currently we offer 20” stainless steel bull barrel with target crown.


Also in April, the much-anticipated Grizzly 9mm handgun will be released. This is a first for BCA: a polymer lower handgun manufactured completely in-house. This is full-sized with RMR cut for optics and slide serrations.

We are also expanding the caliber selection of our Nickel-Boron BCG to 6.5 Grendel, both rear and side-charging. Our AR10 calibers are included as well: .308, .243, .22-250, and 6.5 Creedmoor. The major advantages of Nickel-Boron are: reliability, very easy to clean, and how cool they look!!!


Our marketing department has had several requests for a tried-and-true caliber: 7.62x54R. It is over 125 years old and is still used in sniper rifles today. Muzzle velocity is just under .308 Win. Ammo is available for +/- $0.60 ea.

To participate in a brief survey, go to: . We always value our customers’ input.

Enjoy all your BCA products and above all:  BE SAFE!!!


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John Hardin
May 13, 2024
Are there any plans to add a .22 ARC in your line up of Uppers in the near future?
John Hardin
May 22, 2024
Are there any plans to add .22 ARC in your line up of Uppers in the near future?
charles cafiero
May 22, 2024
so far, I have bought a pistol and a rifle lower and a 556 upper, a 300 blk rifle upper, a 762 upper and a 7.5 inch 300 blk. pistol upper. also I bought a bolt and upper reciever set and a purple forearm(for my daughter), All work real good, even with my home made 300 brass, the only failures I have are a cracked bolt from the 556,and fasteners were missing in the forearm ,both these issues are being addressed by BCA. But time and again I cant seem to find my way on thier site to the review section, so I am reviewing my experiance here instead, please take time to examine this BCA, thanks.
allen homes
June 29, 2024
Great news about the BC-201 in .22 LR being available available now! I've been following Bear Creek Arsenal's updates closely and am really excited to see this product finally here. The features on this rifle make it a fantastic option for target shooting and small game hunting. Looking forward to more updates and new releases. Keep up the excellent work!
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