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August 15, 2022 Edited March 28, 2023 3735 view(s)
August BCA Newsletter

Welcome, to our 2nd edition of BCA’s newsletter, designed and written to help keep you up to date with some of our latest news and provide you with what to expect this year from BCA!

We certainly hope you have enjoyed the summer months and are very excited about the hunting season we are preparing for. We have some exciting launches happening in the later part of the year so don’t miss out on reading further down our newsletter to learn more about these but first, a stop off at our BCA foundations page to learn about how we are investing in the people around us.


July 4th Opinion Piece

Just a reminder about why we celebrate July 4th.

A committee in the Continental Congress was created to research and recommend a document to declare that the colonies were free from British rule. The committee approved The Declaration of Independence on July 2, 1776, and the entire Continental Congress voted to approve it on July 4, 1776. Since the full approval took place on July 4th, that is the date chosen as Independence Day.

It was signed by 56 Congressional members on August 2, 1776. While there was fighting before, this was the start of the Revolutionary War. The war did not end until 1783 with the Treaty of Paris.

It is important to note that the men who signed the Declaration of Independence were risking their lives and fortunes by doing so. Five (5) were captured by the British and tortured as traitors before they died. Twelve (12) had their homes ransacked and burned. Nine (9) fought in the war and died.

These are just a few of the sacrifices that were made in order to create an independent country. It is another example that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.

Red, white, and blue smoke trailing from an American flag, held by a gentleman in one hand with an ar-15 held in the other hand.


BCA Foundation

In late 2019 the BCA Foundation was formed. The focus is on supporting local community, law enforcement, first responders, education, and veteran/military organizations. Some examples of beneficiaries include Montgomery Community College, Special Forces Charity Golf Tournament, National Wild Turkey Federation, Future Farmers of America, N.C. Sheriff’s Association and FTCC Scholarship Fund just to name a few.


Email Marketing

BCA has been undergoing an extensive upgrade to our email marketing platform which allows us to better streamline our emails to a specific audience.

The new system has a better response time, improved mail layouts, and increased analytics that will help us continue to be more in tune with what our customers are wanting.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we underwent a substantial change to our systems.

If you haven't sign up for our emails yet; click here to get the latest deals and stay up to date on all the upcoming news.


Color options - Powder Coat Drop

BCA has been known for the simple black rifle. Like what Henry Ford said when starting the production line” you can have any color you want if it’s black.” BCA has been a company with a goal to provide quality rifles to our customers at an affordable price. Black was the way to go but now we are finally able to present our latest improvement: offering our customers Powder Coat options for their rifles.

Utilizing a recent poll taken on social media as a directive, we are now able to offer the colors most preferred by our customers. We have started with FDE and white and are moving on to some additional colors soon. Have a look at what we have put together for you:

Our very first line will be Flat Dark Earth commonly known as FDE 

Our second line is the White

with the addition of OD Green, Red/Burnt Bronze, and a blue option, we are looking forward to bringing you some variety to the already amazing options BCA provides.

BCA will continue to provide options for Cerakoted rifles as well as Powder coated options on all our Rifles, the difference will really be the designs. Our initial plan is to allow our Cerakoted rifles to be pattern-coated designs where our powder coat options will be a solid color on the upper and lower assemblies.

We cannot wait to see the rifles on the ranges in our customer’s hands. If you didn’t stand out before you are going to now.

AR Handguards hanging from a rack about to be dipped into solution before painting.


Future Design Drops

.45 ACP – Having survived since its inception in 1904 and, being one of the most popular calibers today, the term “survivor” doesn’t begin to portray its usefulness. It runs the gamut from self-defense to competition to military.

9mm Bufferless – This is the first bufferless AR from Bear Creek Arsenal. Since a buffer tube is not needed, a folding stock can be installed. Easier storge and transporting are key advantages.

.243 Winchester - The .243 Winchester is one of the most versatile calibers available. Has a flat trajectory, low recoil, and with the large selection of bullets available is used on the smallest varmints up to midsize game.

Muzzle Brakes – With a proprietary design the BCA Muzzle Brake also doubles as a compensator. The lateral baffles reduce the felt recoil while the top ports act to reduce muzzle rise.


*300 Win Mag - The .300 Win Mag is a belted magnum. The recoil is too much for most average-size hunters and is definitely a big-game caliber.

*7mm Remington Magnum - The 7mm Remington Magnum is a belted magnum. Recoil is more than most shooters want to endure. It is a medium to large game caliber.

*30-06 – This is the “go to” caliber for many hunters. Recoil is stout but manageable for most hunters. With a large selection of bullets can be used on small to large game.

*.270 Win – Has the least amount of recoil than the other calibers in this platform. Flatter shooting than the 30-06 and with less recoil. Can be used on all but the largest game.

9mm AR propped upon on a wooden table


Premier Line

Bear Creek Arsenal, in an ongoing effort to offer premium products to our customers, has introduced three new lines of AR platform rifles.

The first is the Fieldmaster. It is offered in .223 Wylde and has three different barrel lengths to choose from. Other features include MFT Battle Link Stock, Velocity 3 lb. trigger, Magpul Ambidextrous grip, and Dual Charging to accommodate the preference of all.

Next is the Targetmaster. Designed for long-range shooting, it comes in .223 Wylde and has a 20” Stainless Steel straight fluted barrel. It also includes an ambidextrous rear charging handle, dual charging action, Velocity 3 lb. trigger, Magpul ambidextrous grip and PRS Lite stock, adjustable gas block, and VG6 Slimline muzzle brake.

Lastly is the Huntmaster. This is a totally new design that created a platform larger than the AR10. The calibers that will be available are .270 Win., 30-06, 7mm Rem. Mag, and 300 Win. Mag. These enable caliber hunters to pursue the largest game in North America.

A black in color, fluted barrel AR with a white background.


9mm Handgun

Arriving soon!!!!!

The Bear Creek Arsenal GENES1S 9mm pistol will be here soon! This is BCA’s first handgun made entirely in our own factory. The design combines the best features of full-size 9mm:

*Lightweight aluminum frame – weight: 27 oz. empty

- Spiral Fluted Stainless Steel Melonite

*RMR Cut
– enables adding sights/optics

*Ambidextrous Magazine Release – proprietary to BCA

*Trigger Safety – state of the art

*Picatinny Rail – to attach flashlight, laser, etc.

*Threaded 4.5” Barrel – suppressor, ready

*Slide Cuts – to remove weight

– white outline for quick target acquisition

Whether protecting your family or taking it to the range for target practice, the Genes1s is an accurate, reliable addition to your collection.

Bear Creek Arsenals first handgun the Genes1s.



A built-in LASER RANGEFINDER on a RED DOT scope?

Yes, Bear Creek Arsenal’s RED DOT SCOPE has a BUILT-IN LASER RANGEFINDER. It can accurately identify ranges out to 600 yards. Since all projectiles travel in an arc, knowing the distance is critical for accurate shot placement. Most ammunition companies and reloading manuals print trajectory charts for specific calibers and bullet weights. Hornady has a Ballistics Chart available on its website. For example, the 5.56 Nato 55 gr. GMX bullet still has 374 ft/lbs of energy at 400 yards, enough for varmint size animals such as foxes, prairie dogs, groundhogs, and coyotes. The problem is bullet drop. With a 200-yard zero, the drop is 7.3 inches at 300 yards and 23 inches at 400 yards. Without accurately knowing the distances, missed shots are inevitable.

With the touch of a button, the BCA RED DOT instantly displays the distance to an object. There are two modes for display: FIXED where you can focus on a single object to get the distance and SCAN where you get distances on objects in real-time as you move the gun. The readout is located just below the lens of the optic so the display is always in the shooter’s field of view.

Simultaneously, the readout gives the angle and azimuth. These are also critical because extreme angles at long distances can affect points of impact.

Additional features include:

** the option for meters or yards

** There is no parallax: the dot can be anywhere in the viewfinder and be on-target

** open reflex sight

** click adjustment for easy zeroing

** machined from Aircraft grade aluminum

** 10 brightness adjustments for any light condition

** CR2 battery is located on the side for easy replacement

** ready to install on any standard Picatinny rail

** weighs just under one pound

The BCA RED DOT combines two devices that are critical to accurate long-range shooting: sighting mechanism and distance determination. With all its features you can have the confidence of a well-placed shot.

A red dot sight and rangefinder combined with a sleek modern feel.


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Randy Burleson
August 15, 2022
Very intrested in the Huntmaster in3006 or 7 mag. If you can keep the price reasonable, I am in.
Cam Jones
August 15, 2022
I applaud all your innovations! The Hunt Master line is particularly interesting. Couldn't you please just take a few minutes to start producing a 6mm ARC upper for the AR-15 line? I think a lot of varmint hunters, and deer hunters alike, would be enthusiastic about this addition. For one, it would satisfy a niche in places such as my home state of Michigan, where 6mm is the maximum size bore that can be legally used for night time varmint hunting. This caliber is also excellent on deer sized game, and was developed to be effective out to longer ranges too. It's time for BCA to buckle down and add it to your line up.
Ronald Cody
August 15, 2022
i have been trying to get a 350 legend 10.5 complete upper for over 2 mo and i have called and left mesages and got no respondes
Chris John
August 15, 2022
I can't wait to see that red dot in person.
Tom Covington
August 15, 2022
Jimmy Hardin
August 15, 2022
Keep up the great work. I can't wait to see the 7rem mag!
michael moon
August 15, 2022
The Huntmaster line sounds awesome and I plan to own several. Please inform me when it's available.
Billy Walker
August 15, 2022
Huntmaster.....Semi-auto AR10 "style"??
Brent H
August 15, 2022
Very excited about the future .300 Win. Mag., .270, .45ACP (Please offer a right side charging, and bring back a right charging 9mm. The left charging reciprocating one is right in your face.) Also excited about the smart red dot and the Genes1s pistol. What a great and innovative company! I always recommend Bear Creek Arsenal to everyone I know! Keep up the great work!
Tony Melecosky
August 15, 2022
Thank you for all your hard work, and professionalism in foraging ahead in these troubled times to bring new and better things to shelves to choose from ! I enjoy , and look forward to your informational Newsletters
James Reed
August 15, 2022
243 with a barrel twist that will stable the newer Heavier bullets. Also a 10 mm AR 15 45 acp would be nice also
Jack Langley
August 15, 2022
This is a big step up and I am positive Bear Creek Arsenal is more than capable to accomplish the job. I am intrigued about the 45 acp.
RL payne
August 15, 2022
The 270 is a outstanding caliber and the 3006 is a popular cal.if i was 40 years younger i would buy one but at 71 i don't need one
Chuck Conner
August 24, 2022
dude if you need it its too late. im 74 and jumping around like a kid waiting for that 300 win mag. i dont need it either i already have 3006 noreen but want (not need) a 1k yd varmint gitter.
Harold J Howell
August 15, 2022
would love a 3006 in a bigger ar10 platform I am a M1 Grand and 1903 nut would be nice to have one caliber on my riffles I love the 308 and 223 3006 come-on size does matter.
Rick Stead
August 15, 2022
I am truly looking forward to a 45 ACP AR platform from BCA !!!
Roger Smith
August 15, 2022
I am looking forward to the.45 too. I love this caliber!
Lloyd Case
August 15, 2022
I hope the buffer less AR9 is coming sooooon!!! It’s driving me crazy waiting!!!! I have my AR9 lower waiting for build!!! Hurry up… waiting to order and test the shit out of it at my range!!! BCA great products
August 15, 2022
Huntmaster edition sounds great. Looking forward to purchasing this in both 30-06 and the 300 win mag. Can't wait...when are you planning to have them available for purchase??
Don D Randall II
August 15, 2022
Currently there is one company that I know of that sells same calibers you are planning, but their prices in my opinion are way to high. It would be nice if you can keep the cost down.
Roger Smith
August 15, 2022
When do you think you will be able to sell spare mags for 22-250?
August 17, 2022
We currently are selling them online now. Check out the link here:
August 15, 2022
So glad your showing us some 30-06 love. And the powder coating of FDE I cant wait to see on my next rifle from you guys. Thank you !
Jerry Ryan
August 15, 2022
You do a great job no matter what it is
Kyle Tighe
August 15, 2022
The huntmaster sounds amazing, I can't wait to get my hands on a 300 win mag semi!! ???? Also 45 is cool but 10 mm is even better can't wait till you guys bring out a PCC in 10mm hopefully
August 15, 2022
Just when I (foolishly) think I have all the firearms I need for the rest of my life, you folks at BCA come up with stuff I cannot live without. Excited for your Huntmaster line in '06 and 300 WM.
Timothy Evans
August 15, 2022
Can't wait to see a 10.5 76.2x39 in OD green
nick Roberts
August 15, 2022
You lots of interesting stuff coming. I can't wait to see it
Gerry Krueger
August 15, 2022
Ready and willing to buy a 270 caliber rifle from you and possibly a 7mm mag as well. Just say the word. Keep up the good work. Thanks
Richard Price
August 15, 2022
All of it sounds great, I love .270 and can't wait to see your pistol. Keep up the great work. Any thoughts on opening a store front at the factory?
August 15, 2022
Love the Hunt Master idea. You should also try beating PSA, LAW tactical, and Foxtrot Mike in the budget 300 BLK bufferless upper race.
Darrell Dutsch
August 16, 2022
I have several of BCA uppers. All perform faultless! Thank you for putting an AR platform that is affordable and is of the best quality, into more American hands! Please don't stop, keep pushing.... Love your YouTube videos. Thank you for all you have done!
Dave and Linda Warren
August 16, 2022
please keep me informed of your progress on HUNTMASTER also is it available in .338 LAPUA OR .338 MAGNUM THANK YOU
August 16, 2022
I'm another vote for a 6mm ARC upper with a 24 inch SS barrel so I can reach out. Also very interested in the 270 Huntmaster when it becomes available, the best northern whitetail, mule deer, and antelope caliber ever made. Is the 270 going to be a full length case or a short mag or super short mag case??
Rod burton
August 16, 2022
Waiting to see the huntmaster in 30.06. Let me know when available
August 16, 2022
Nice to hear about the .30-06 platform; I hope you will have several barrel contour to choose from including a bull barrel configuration!
Kenneth C Morrow Jr
August 16, 2022
I have three of your uppers: 5.56 and 300 Blackout - both are 7.5" length and a 7.6×39 - 16". I am impressed with the range of products you offer and your ability to offer them at the prices you do. Keep up the great work and the Powder Coat option along with the Bufferless AR's are a great addition to your capabilities.
Clayton Guy
August 16, 2022
Love. Love, love the Huntmaster platform plans!!! I have wished for this option for many years. I want an 06 NOW!!!
Josh Raney
August 16, 2022
Also very interested in the .300 win mag. Hopefully the price is affordable.
Grady Reisinger
August 17, 2022
Have one of your grendals (which has floored numerous deer and a bear) and now a BCA 308. Have sold several other rifles for you and if offered will be very interested in a 7mag.
Paul Metcalf
August 17, 2022
I'm in for a Huntmaster 270 and 30-06 as long as I don't need a wheelbarrow to haul them around. I would like to see a 6.5 PRC in that line as well.
Donnie R Roberson
August 18, 2022
I would love to see a 270. I have dear hunted most of my life with this cartridge. You would rope me in with an ar platform I could add my favorite hunting caliber.
August 19, 2022
Great news letter. Excited for your new calibers.
Robert J Hamilton
August 19, 2022
Is there a new huntsman AR9 model coming out chambered in 270, 3006, 7mm mag, 300win? And when will it be available?
August 20, 2022
.45... I can't wait. The whole bufferless 9mm is cool and all but I would rather go for something in 45 acp. Much cooler. Henry has been rocking the bigger lever actions for years and anyone that owns one of those loves it. A 45 in an AR would be bad to the bone. Could load hotter rounds for it too.
Robert Grubbs
August 20, 2022
Wow your working hard, every excited about your handgun! Also can’t wait to try the BAC Smart red dot.
Michael Mcinnis
August 20, 2022
How about a powder coated left side charging upper in 6.5Grendel FDE?
Edward Braithwaite
August 21, 2022
Is ATF requiring serialization of uppers?
William Sommi
August 28, 2022
Not yet
Brian Anderson
August 23, 2022
Sounds awesome. What’s the price on the long action? 3006 and 270 will kill anything in North America. For that matter probably dangerous game in Africa. 7mm Mauser has been used. Shot placement.
Eric Erkkila
August 23, 2022
I love all the products I got from your company I highly recommend it to everyone the 7.62x39 and the 308 are great very happy with both glad your company is in business.
john laDeau
August 23, 2022
I love the bca10 I got shoots great should have got it sooner
November 30, 2022
And its subsonic, better then the 9mm if you have surpressors
Chuck Conner
August 24, 2022
im totally up for a 300 win mag. arhurry and get them up and running.
Leonard Young
September 3, 2022
At this point, I am not enjoying my experience with BCA.. I would like to have more information on my order, and a easier means of asking questions relative to my purchase. I like BCA"s pricing structure, and look forward to doing business with the company regardless of my afore mentioned concerns.
September 6, 2022
We are sorry that you are having issues with BCA. If you ever have questions regarding an order please email If you have general questions you can use our FAQ. We answer these daily M-F.
December 18, 2022
Gordon Berndt
January 15, 2023
I would really like a 300 Winchester Magnum Huntmaster rifle will it come with a five round magazine and when will they be available
January 18, 2023
Price and Availability on the Huntmaster 300 win mag when it is available please
William A Lundy
January 21, 2023
I have been looking for your new Huntmaster line in 300WM. When can I expect it to be online for sale. Can't wait to get one.
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