BC-8 Rifles

After months of anticipation, the HuntMaster rifles chambered in .30-06 and .270 are finally here! Built on the brand-new, premium BC-8 platform, the HuntMaster stands alone in power and performance. Designed from the beginning to offer premium features at a fantastic price, the HuntMaster features Bear Creek Arsenal's gen-2 side charging handle for ease of use with optics, upgraded furniture to aid in taking consistent shots, and a lightweight barrel for a surprisingly comfortable experience. Don't wait any longer; feel the power of the HuntMaster today...

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The huntmaster is incredibly easy to shoot and does a great job of taming the 300 Win Mag recoil. I was very surprised that a rifle this light shot so well without a muzzle break_






SCORE CARD:  42/50

Despite the changes needed to function with the larger 30-06 cartridges, the rifle retains almost all of the attributes that make the AR pattern rifle so popular. And the changes made are acceptable and functional.

Filling a niche that maybe we didn’t even know was there, the BC-8 gives Fudds everywhere a reason to rejoice. As I said at the beginning, why do we need an AR that shoots cartridges of this size? Well, I think there are many reasons, but above all, I think Americans are the kings of doing something because you can.


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