Bear Creek Arsenal .450 Bushmaster Accuracy

.450 bushmaster accuracy
February 17, 2023 Edited March 2, 2023 1947 view(s)
Bear Creek Arsenal .450 Bushmaster Accuracy

The .450 Bushmaster is well known as a formidable caliber for tough animals such as wild boar and black bear. With a heavy, slow-moving bullet, pinpoint accuracy is critical. Using a 100 yard zero, the bullet drops 10 inches at 200 yards. Group sizes much more than an inch at 100 yards could make it difficult to connect at longer distances.

Successful hunting requires well-placed shots to prevent wounded game which can be dangerous to track. At Bear Creek Arsenal we take pride in the accuracy of our barrels. Groups in the sub-1” range are common. With so much at stake, it makes sense to partner with a company with a proven track record of accuracy and reliability.

Check out our latest video to see a quick accuracy test at 150 and 100 yards.



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Desmond Perry
February 24, 2023
Do I use a Ar10 or Ar15 lower
Dewayne Thornsbury
March 11, 2023
AR-15 lower.
March 1, 2023
Does BCA use a standard carbine buffer for .450BM rifles, or a heavier H2 or H3 buffer?
June 5, 2023
Yes. Gen one has the default buffer, I modified mine to a lighter recoil with a heavy spring.
Don Edwards
March 9, 2023
I've been using my 450 upper for 4 years now! This 18in barrel hold 4 in groups out to 250 yards I've bagged 2 bucks and 25 hogs with this upper! It is a Hammer
Richard E Monroe
May 5, 2023
do I need a different buffer for 450 bushmaster
May 15, 2023
How will the 450 Bushmaster stack up to the newly released 400 Legend? A standard 6.5 SPC bolt face mates to the 400L round so it's a good fit for the AR15 platform; should be an easy build to test against the 450BM...
June 5, 2023
Knockdown makes smaller calibers look worthless. The 450 has knockdown that crushes the 400, and the 400 only gives 25 feet more than the 450
May 30, 2023
Thanks for the Great budget friendly products! I have 4 if your uppers. One product I would like you to come out with would be 8.6 Blackout line.
ricky nance
April 25, 2024
I want one
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