BCA Newsletter August 2023

BCA Newsletter August 2023
August 10, 2023 Edited January 19, 2024 870 view(s)
BCA Newsletter August 2023


Welcome to the AUGUST edition of Bear Creek Arsenal’s NEWSLETTER. Our goal is to bring you up to date on happenings since our last newsletter.


We have added several new items  to our “arsenal":

GENESIS II 9MM HANDGUN:  While polymer handguns have their uses, the GENESIS II is made from high-quality stainless steel and aluminum. Its features include striker-fired design, block safety as well as trigger safety, window cut slide, and RMR accessory cut. It also comes with photoluminescent sights, ambidextrous magazine release, picatinny rail, and two 17 round magazines.



HUNTMASTER:  The all new line is unique to BCA. The platform, BC8, is larger than the AR10 in order to accommodate the calibers .300 Win Mag, .30-06, .270 Win., and 7mm Rem Mag. The first three are available and the 7mm will be in the near future. These are truly long-range calibers and are sufficient for everything from gophers to grizzlies!!


PISTOL CALIBER CARBINES: BCA has added two Pistol caliber carbines 10mm and .45ACP. These are both blow-back systems and use Glock style magazines. Many shooters see the advantage of having a pistol and rifle in the same caliber and that use the same magazine. Both calibers are great for self-defense, range use, and, where allowed, hunting.




COLD HAMMER FORGED: Our CHF selection has been expanded to include .308 Win and 7.62 x 39 mm. We now offer 5.56 NATO (16” and 20”), .308 Win (20”), and 7.62 x 39 (16”).  Popularity for Cold Hammer Forged barrels is rising as more shooters learn that it provides up to four times the barrel life of a standard barrel. 





Just added are Bear Creek Arsenal BINOCULARS. Two versions are available: C42 and VU42. Both are nitrogen filled to prevent fogging and have roof prism lens. 


Hawke Optics

We've added Hawke Optics  to provide more options in scope selection. These are extremely well made with mil-dots, fully coated lens, 1” tube, and are Nitrogen filled to prevent fogging. They are offered in 3x9, 5x30, and 6x24.



We have also expanded our offerings in CERAKOTE. Check out the website for the latest colors and patterns.



Standard Handguard

Many shooters, particularly military veterans, like the standard handguard options. We have expanded our offerings to include calibers 7.62x39, 9mm, .300 Blackout, .350 Legend, 5.56 Nato, and .223 Wylde.

Bear Claw

The Bear claw fluted stainless steel / black nitride barrel is one of our most popular. It is now available in individual barrels as well as complete upper assemblies in calibers .300 Blackout, 7.6x39, 5.56 Nato .223 Wylde, .350 Legend, and most Glock replacement barrels.




AR platform rifles now have accuracy that rivals bolt actions. With the modular design, it makes perfect sense to use the AR for hunting. BCA offers TWENTY-FOUR  CALIBERS in three major platforms. We also have multiple products and accessories to make your hunting trip successful. These include SCOPES, REDOTS, LASER BORE SIGHT, AMMO, KNIVES, RANGEFINDERS, BINOCULARS, GUN CASES, and GUN CLEANING SUPPLIES.



BCA Foundation

The BCA Foundation was created to show support for first responders, the local community, law enforcement, and veterans. Direct donations of products made by Bear Creek Arsenal have been made to law enforcement agencies, campus police departments, and deserving individuals. The efforts made by first responders, often while encountering risk to their personal safety, are the basis for continuing support. 

Community support is another focus of the BCA Foundation. For example, cash donations were recently made to two school systems to support “backpack” programs where food is sent home on weekends to ensure students are fed when not in school. 

Bear Creek Arsenal recently implemented a “round up” option at checkout. Buyers can round up the order to the nearest dollar. All of the proceeds will go to the BCA Foundation to provide support. 


"TAKE YOUR SHOT" Photo Contest

It is not too late to enter! With over $10,000.00 in prizes, submit your entry by 8/28/23. The GRAND PRIZE is a Sub MOA .223 Wylde rifle with Vortex scope, Genesis II 9mm handgun with Holosun sight, and a laundry list of accessories. Click for details:    



Bear Creek Arsenal is about to receive its very first patent for the side charging bolt handle. With its set screw and post attachment and curved, ergonomic design, it offers a much more solid, comfortable experience.


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mark tulak
August 12, 2023
please restock 12.7×42 muzzle break thanks you rock bca
steve ransford
August 12, 2023
how about left hand uppers
August 13, 2023
Has BCA considered adding the 45 Raptor to the AR-10 platform? This would be a great addition for hunting.
Devin Waller
August 13, 2023
How many of the BCA Complete Uppers does someone have to buy to qualify for a "Freebie"..?..????????.
Forrest Woody
August 13, 2023
Has any one considered the Short Magnum calibers in The AR-10 platform? 300 WSM, 300 RSAUM, 7MM WSM, 270 WSM, ETC.
Stephie Marrs
August 14, 2023
Amazing products at amazing prices, fast shipping, solid customer service, tech innovation, plus discounts… the positives just keep stacking up with BCA- and now I find out that your foundation also supports Law Enforcement??? I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! -BCA Fan forever
August 14, 2023
I just wish the Huntmaster line offered 24" heavy barrels. 20" light barrels are insufficient for these larger long range calibers. Glad to see the CHF barrels in more calibers now!
William Sommi
August 14, 2023
Yes like Steve says where are the AR10 with left hand charging handle and 416R SS barrels, I still waiting for more of 11 months to get one or two of them, when will they will be back in stock ........ Wake up BCA you have a bunch of guys waiting.
August 14, 2023
I d love to see a complete upper in 7.62 x 51 in FDE 18 or 20 in. Barrel stainless. As with others been waiting to make purchase to finish build!
November 17, 2023
My BCA 6.5 Grendel 18" heavy barrel along with Hornady Black ELD 123 performed perfect! 6 point buck on Sunday. one shot. Awesome duel charge upper
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