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Introducing BCA’s New Rifle line, The Huntmaster.
Crafted for the ultimate hunter, the Huntmaster adds a new dimension to long range shooting and Big game hunting. Running some of the biggest calibers, the Huntmaster redefines hunting with an AR. Made with high grade materials and attention to detail, the Huntmaster is designed to translate the skills of the master hunter into accurate results.










Hunt With The Biggest Calibers

.30-06 270 WIN 300 WIN MAG

Big Game

Bear, Buffalo etc

Bullet Weights

150 to 200 grains

Long Range

1000 yards

20" Lightweight Parkerized Barrel.

Magpul MOE Plus Grip.
Added touch point Support.

Magpul MOE Stock.
Rifle length buffer.



Complete Uppers



The huntmaster is incredibly easy to shoot and does a great job of taming the 300 Win Mag recoil. I was very surprised that a rifle this light shot so well without a muzzle break_






SCORE CARD:  42/50

Despite the changes needed to function with the larger 30-06 cartridges, the rifle retains almost all of the attributes that make the AR pattern rifle so popular. And the changes made are acceptable and functional.

Filling a niche that maybe we didn’t even know was there, the BC-8 gives Fudds everywhere a reason to rejoice. As I said at the beginning, why do we need an AR that shoots cartridges of this size? Well, I think there are many reasons, but above all, I think Americans are the kings of doing something because you can.


My “tactical” shooting background means that I carry some preferences. One of those is with slings, and I love that I can keep the Huntmaster close to the front of my body like I would a carbine...

Accuracy was far more than acceptable. I’m not a pinpoint shooter, and the groups I was able to lay down were more than adequate. Hits on steel at distance were no problem at all."


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