Veterans Day 2022: A Message from the BCA Foundation

Veterans Day 2022: A Message from the BCA Foundation
November 10, 2022 Edited February 2, 2023 562 view(s)
Veterans Day 2022: A Message from the BCA Foundation

The BCA Foundation is an outgrowth of Bear Creek Arsenal, one of the largest firearm manufacturers in America. The Moore family, which owns Bear Creek Arsenal, set up the foundation with the specific focus of supporting the local community, first responders, law enforcement, veteran / military organizations, and deserving individuals.

Eugene Moore, President of Bear Creek Arsenal, is a Navy SeaBee veteran and knows first hand the sacrifices made by our armed forces. As a nation, we recognize veterans on November 11th by designating it as Veteran’s Day. BCA Foundation continues recognition throughout the year with support for worthy organizations and individuals.

One such organization is Patriot’s Hunt which raises money to send veterans on hunting trips. Another group supported by the BCA Foundation is Marksman For Vets. They build custom AR15s for deserving veterans at no cost to them. Applications for donations from the BCA Foundation can also be made on an individual basis.

Showing our appreciation to our veterans for all they do through donations, including direct financial support and Bear Creek Arsenal products, helps to show them that we realize FREEDOM IS NOT FREE and thanks to them, we continue to enjoy the freedom that does not exist in much of the world. Thank you service members and veterans for your courage and sacrifice to protect our freedoms.

Explore the mission of the BCA Foundation below and submit a worthy cause for support from the foundation.

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Mike Simpson
November 11, 2022
Thanks for supporting our veterans!
Kevin Healey
November 14, 2022
Please make a 30:06 ar10
Tim Royster
December 20, 2022
I couldn't serve due to a spine injury,so I did 20 years,law enforcement, fireman emt,dive rescue,rope rescue and was a county fire investigator, my father is a 38 year army veteran 2 tours in vietnam,and nephew has 24 Years in the navy,and many uncles and other family members who served covering every branch of service,I understand the sacrifice these individuals made,God love then and bless everyone one who served!!!
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