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The BCA Foundation Donates $5k to the Lee County YHSP

June 17, 2022 Edited January 25, 2023 191 view(s)
The BCA Foundation Donates $5k to the Lee County YHSP

Lee County Wildlife club has been around since 1947 with the intention to restore and conserve wildlife and other natural resources, support adequate laws for the protection and restoration of these resources and collect and disseminate information pertaining to wildlife resources to school children, youth organizations, and to the members of the Club.

Lee County members share a common interest in our wildlife, natural resources, hunting, fishing, and other sporting activities.

One of the initiatives behind the Lee County Wildlife club is to teach and encourage Hunter Education in the youth of today. This includes knowledge of the local wildlife and public awareness of the laws around hunting in the local community. The program is offered to public, private, and home-schooled students and teams representing organizations such as 4-H or FFA. There are approximately 100 students currently enrolled in the program.

The BCA Foundation makes it its mission to bring safety and prosperity to the people and families of the community through the tenets of wisdom, respect, and compassion.


     Wisdom - Better education results in good sustainable careers

     Respect - Honoring those in the military, and law enforcement; both past and present

     Compassion - Creating opportunities for leisure time activities, while remembering the needs of those who cannot provide for themselves. 


BCA Foundation was proud to support and donate $5000 to the Youth Hunter Safety Program this past year to help provide valuable training tools and equipment to further aid the Lee County Wildlife Club in their continuation of Youth Education.

BCA Foundation chose this valuable organization because of the alignment it has with the foundational tenants.Teaching and providing skillful knowledge as well as teaching respect forthe environment and the students around each other will always bode well for the future of land management.

As the club has grown so has the number of students who gain the opportunity to continue their education on firearm safety and rules associated with firearms. The donation is just a part of the ways the BCA Foundation helps. The club will use the funds to train and disperse wildlife conservation information to up-and-coming youth, this will in turn help spur the much-needed wildlife management and regulation principles that will continue to help our wildlife grow. BCA Foundation also hopes the investment in the wildlife club will continue to be a valuable resource our community relies on.

BCA Foundation is proud to be in partnership with such a noble and valiant community continuing to grow the knowledge and provide a positive experience in all the shooting sports. We look forward to watching how this effort grows in our community by bringing in youth. These young men and women are important to our community, and they will be vital in ensuring a long-lasting hunting tradition for generations to come.


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