Introduction to AR-10 Rifles [Infographic]

Introduction to AR-10 Rifles [Infographic]
July 16, 2021 Edited March 14, 2023 2568 view(s)
Introduction to AR-10 Rifles [Infographic]

There's a lot of excitement and confusion on AR-10s, the big brother of America's favorite semi-auto sporting rifle (AR-15s). Because AR-10s were not adopted by the military when they were first created in 1956, the design was not standardized like mil-spec AR15s and has has mostly spilt into 2 commercial varients (DPMS/LR 308 and Amalite AR10). To simplify the differences between AR 10s and AR 15s we created an infographic that explains the history, differences, and most common calibers of AR-10 rifles.


AR10 Rifle history and effective range infographic


We hope you enjoyed learning about AR-10s! Check out our blog about AR 10 calibers to learn which one would be best for your needs. Comment a topic you'd like us to cover in an infographic in the future. We model our AR-10 rifles and parts after DPMS Gen-1 Low Profile; make sure to check out our selection of AR10 Rifles, AR10 Uppers, AR10 Barrels, and AR10 bolt carrier groups.


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Christopher Garife
July 18, 2021
are those Gen1 side chargers in Cosmic Sin?!?
Johnny Adolpho
November 10, 2021
I’ve got your AR-10 20” in a .308. It’s not picking up the next round. I’m thinking it the buffer tube spring and weight. What buffer set do you suggest?
November 15, 2021
If the BCG is not going back far enough to pick up the next round, the upper may be under gassed (short stroking). If you put 1 round in the magazine, load it, and fire it, does the bolt hold open like it should? IF not that is the sure sign of under gassing and they would need to send it in for warranty to handle. Hope you found this helpful .
Todd J Parker
March 28, 2022
I have one of your 308 rifles and it recommends asc magazines. Will the magpul lr/sr 25 round mags work?
March 28, 2022
We cannot guarantee compatibility with other manufacturers.
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