Bear Creek Arsenal June Update: Upcoming Products

June 17, 2022 Edited January 25, 2023 818 view(s)
Bear Creek Arsenal June Update: Upcoming Products

Recent Updates

BCA is well known for its variety of products, and as we move forward in their variations, we always need to remember to come back to some well-liked products which need to be revisited on the production line. As of June, a restocking of our 9mm upper assemblies has taken place with 5 different upper assemblies. Feel free to have a review of the latest 9mm line on our website. This is always a highly sought-after line, so we are excited to offer this backup to our customers.

Along with our 9mm upper assemblies, the 224 Valkyrie was a commonly requested caliber from our customer base. BCA recently built up several new 224 Valkyrie specifically to answer the call, and once again, our customers did not let us down! One setup of the 224 Valkyrie sold out within a couple of days. Though the 224 Valkyrie, can be used for hunting, many of our customers and many in the 2A community typically utilize this caliber for target shooting. With a higher velocity than a .223/.556 giving you a flatter trajectory, you’ll also still find it keeps the recoil to be about the same.


Newly Launched Items

Muzzle Brake (450/458)

This was our first step in developing muzzle brakes for our customers, our recently launched 450 muzzle brake is a customized design that has been measured to help reduce recoil on our platforms and many others. According to our engineering team, the muzzle brake helps reduce the recoil by over 30%, and with its unique design you won’t miss it out on the range.


10.5” 22 Magnum

The 22 Magnum was a huge hit with our customer base, and we recently launched our .22 Magnum 10.5” barrel to go along with the new caliber. This barrel length offers a unique platform giving you a lighter weight in carrying but equally capable of giving the punch you need to take down some critters.


Upcoming Products


As BCA has made a large variety of aftermarket Glock barrels. Rightly so as the design of the Glock lends itself to modularity and customization. How does the Sig Sauer evolution of customizability fit in? Due to the high capability of customization Sig Sauer has given itself on their P320 platforms and the P365, many manufacturers have been able to add additional customizations to the original manufacturer’s designs. Bear Creek Arsenal has taken to this new platform and looked to provide options to the customers that require quality barrels for the purpose of quality customizability at an affordable rate.

BCA has progressively grown its capabilities starting with barrel manufacturing, to upper assemblies, to complete rifle manufacturing. We have also made our way into handgun barrels and aftermarket slide assemblies for Glock and a few other brands. Well, it was only natural that BCA would eventually start dipping our toes into the manufacture of complete handgun assemblies. After our successful development, quality testing, and the live demonstration of our prototype handgun we are excited to announce BCA’s very first manufactured handgun will soon be available for purchase. We are so excited and cannot wait to hear what all our customers have to say about this new initiative Bear Creek Arsenal has undergone!


9mm Ammo

Ammunition has been the largest request from all our customers and to be honest has been quite a hurdle to overcome. With shipping rules, web design rules, firearm limitations, and state limitations, there are certainly a lot of different things we have had to take into consideration to make this happen. While we are still working through the process of having ammunition sellable and deliverable from our site to our customers along with the firearms, we are excited to be working towards this goal of making this an option for our customers. Our hope is that the first of these calibers are going to be the 9mm ammunition manufactured by Sig Sauer.



As the year has flown by, we are excited to announce 2 new patent-pending items our customers have come to love. The first is our Gen-2 side charging handle. It has become an icon of the BCA brand and has led the market in the side charging uppers for the AR platform.

Our second patent-pending item is our .22 Long Rifle. This rifle has brought a ton of joy to many of our customers, allowing them to continually train and teach on a small caliber AR platform with the reduced cost of .22 ammunition but the same weight and structure as many of our other AR platforms.


News Desk

As we conclude our first edition of our BCA Newsletter, we wanted to touch on a rather sad event that took place in the last couple of weeks. Though the firearms in question were not a BCA product it saddens us to know the AR platform was used in such a despicable act in 2 separate attacks made public by the media. The 2 attacks I am referencing are the Buffalo attack that took place on May 14th and the Uvalde attack on May 25th. No attack on civilian life is more prevalent and distasteful than these attacks have been. As men and women of all races at BCA, we abhor such violence and as parents, we are sickened by the attacks made on these children.

We are a 2A community and are staunch believers in the right to bear arms because we believe it is our responsibility to defend our homes, our ideals, our families, and the families of our neighbors. This is what America was built on. This is what America stands for. We will defend our homes, we will defend our children, and we will not give up the right to do so by our own government or outside governments. We stand to defend.

The goal for Bear Creek Arsenal is to provide as much information as possible to the owners, young and old, on safe practices and useful applications of the AR platform. We will be updating our website to encourage identification of age, and we will encourage the FFL stores, that these registered firearms go to, to ensure the correct background checks are made. We believe strongly in education, and we will ensure knowledge is provided to all who wish to learn more about the practice of firearm sales and firearm safety.


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Keith Bird
June 28, 2022
Would love to see a side or dual-charging, .308 Upper with a 12.5” barrel. Any chance that would happen? Nitride barrel?
July 12, 2022
When are you coming out with a .243 Upper?
July 18, 2022
The .243 caliber has recently been released again! Feel free to shop our website & filter by caliber.
Joe Wells
July 24, 2022
Any plans to offer a 25-45 Sharps upper? Would seem that it has great compatibility with the AR15 platform?
July 25, 2022
Firstly, thanks for staying abreast of what BCA is working on! Currently, the designs for that is still with the engineering department and a finalized design has not come out yet. We are so excited to possibly release this and many of our future products, but our team wants to make sure all is working effectively and has gone through all the safety procedures. Though we don’t have an exact date of launch or the final product technical specs we are still looking to have more products & calibers out by the end of the year. Once again, thank you so much for staying in the know and we hope to give all our customers some additional insights soon.
David Warshaw
July 29, 2022
I remember seeing BCA working on new pistol uppers. I didn’t see a 10 mm on that list. I know 10mm is expensive but it is a powerful round. Would love to have one.
Rick Fisher
July 30, 2022
Any idea when more of the BC-15 | .223 Wylde | 18" 416R SS Straight Fluted SOCOM Barrel | 1:8 5R Twist | Mid-Length Gas System will be back in stock? SKU: 1371-B223WMM18185RSSF
Benson in Sunny Florida
August 1, 2022
thanks for your first line support of the 2d ... with the pressures onf semi AR uppers ... is BCA considering producing a AR bolt upper 5.56 or an AR upper bolt .308 or like item?
Rick Fisher
August 11, 2022
Will the 223 Wylde, 18", 416R SS Straight Fluted SOCOM Barrel,1:8 5R Twist, Mid-Length Gas System, SKU: 1371-B223WMM18185RSSF be back in stock anytime soon?
August 11, 2022
Due to the shortage of our materials, we do not have any estimated lead times for that particular product as of right now. May we suggest adding it directly to your wish list to get an automatic email when it is back in stock.
Rick Fisher
August 11, 2022
I already have it in my wish list and the barrel is one of the last parts of my build. That’s the reason I’m asking. Thank you,
Thomas Castillo
September 29, 2022
Just wondering now that your coming out with a .30-06, 7mm, .300 win, and 270 in a AR platform is it possible to make one in 8mm Mauser?
Keith Rich
September 29, 2022
Any update on when the 300 WM in AR will arrive?
October 6, 2022
Drooling over the prospect of a 300WM in an AR style platform. How is this project progressing ??
Brian Collins
October 13, 2022
When are you going to get uppers back in stock, you hardly have any of the popular ones left
Gene W.
September 13, 2023
AR-15 to new Remington 30 round 22wmr magazine.  "A Conversion Block" The Conversion Block I'm referring is a drop-in fit to give you a 22wmr capable lower without resorting to buying a pistol caliber-specific option."  Designed to install in Mil-Spec lowers almost exactly like a standard rifle magazine. Allowing the use of named Remington 22wmr 30 round magazine This is what I'm searching for. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
Gene W.
September 13, 2023
AR-15 to new Remington 30 round 22wmr magazine.  "A Conversion Block" The Conversion Block I'm referring is a drop-in fit to give you a 22wmr capable lower without resorting to buying a pistol caliber-specific option."  Designed to install in Mil-Spec lowers almost exactly like a standard rifle magazine. Allowing the use of named Remington 22wmr 30 round magazine This is what I'm searching for. Any help greatly appreciated .
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