Bear Creek Arsenal June Update: Range Day

Bear Creek Arsenal June Update: Range Day
June 20, 2022 Edited August 17, 2023 395 view(s)
Bear Creek Arsenal June Update: Range Day

May 21st was Bear Creek Arsenal’s 2nd annual range day which went off without a hitch. Thanks to Lee County Wildlife club hosting the event and to all their members for joining us. We were privileged and honored to be able to host this event along with the range.

Our guests were members of the Lee County Wildlife Club and other individuals Bear Creek Arsenal has had the honor of working with. These include Brian Estes, the newly appointed Sheriff in Lee County, Charlie Johnson, range day contest winner and proud BCA fan, and Chris Douglas of Carolina All-Out.

To help promote Range Day, Bear Creek held a nationwide contest with the top prize being an all-expenses-paid trip for two to the event. The lucky Range Day contest winner was Charlie Johnson of Springfield, Missouri. Charlie brought his lovely wife Elizabeth who is also an avid shooter. A raffle was held where the guns used in the shoot were donated. In addition to winning the contest, Charlie won the top prize in the raffle: a Magnum Research BFR revolver chambered in .350 Legend. Several suggested Charlie was on such a lucky streak he should immediately buy a lottery ticket!!!

Chris Douglas - is the host and creator of Carolina All-Out, a T.V. series that presents hunting and fishing programs filmed exclusively in North Carolina. In the next series, Chris will be featuring Bear Creek Arsenal AR platform guns in several programs. With 15 calibers to choose from, Chris can easily match one with whatever game he is pursuing. As a hunter, we are excited to watch how easy it will be for him to transition from a bolt action rifle to a side charging AR platform.

Shooting Range

The first event was the “FUN SHOOT” where participants were given tickets to shoot 5 rounds in each of the calibers Bear Creek featured at the event: .22 Magnum, 5.56, .300 Blackout, 9mm, 7.62x39, .450 Bushmaster, and 12.7x42.

The most enjoyed of the calibers seemed to be the big-bore firearms with one of the guests picking up over 12 tickets from others who were less interested in the after-effects of shooting such a large caliber. I am confident writing from experience that his shoulder was well bruised the next day after shooting 60 rounds of the .50 caliber.

The next event was a 100-yard rifle competition which included some of BCA’s employees. The winners of the event are as follows. We were extremely impressed with their exceptional shooting.

  Adult Division Youth Division
1st Karen Jackson Ashley Nikki Ragland
2nd Matthew Godley Matt Kidd
3rd Bryan Ragland Tommy Lineberry

We were able to demonstrate a few items this range day including the following:

BCA’s latest development and our first handgun designed and manufactured by BCA is a completely aluminum-framed handgun developed off the Glock Gen 3 design allowing our customers to utilize 3rd party Glock manufactured parts. It was wonderful to see the team put this together and we are excited to see the result in the hands of our customers. A comparison was also held of sound reduction from a suppressed pistol in a .300 blackout with the same pistol and caliber shot without a suppressor. The audience was amazed at the difference.

Two People shooting at range

They also eagerly awaited the chance to shoot one of our fully automatic rifles. The winners that got to shoot this were enthralled and thoroughly enjoyed taking the opportunity to fire a fully automatic rifle. Some of the shooters haven’t shot since being in the military and for some, this was their very first time; One particularly younger gentleman held on tight, and once he got off the ride his eyes were as big as saucers! You should have been there to see it! It was so awesome to see the younger generation continuing to be involved with firearms and willing to try new things.

We must give a huge thank you to the efforts of the technical team for facilitating this to take place and for ensuring safety all around.

All in all, this event was hugely successful, and are truly appreciative of the participants and the efforts made by all the team at Bear Creek Arsenal. It was a wonderful day had by all and we are so excited for the next year’s event!


Guns Used at The Event

Magnum Research 350 Legend Revolver

16" 12.7x42 Side Charging Complete Upper


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Charlie Johnson
June 21, 2022
My wife and I enjoyed meeting each and every one of you we had the best time getting to talk to everyone And of course the shooting was awesome
Scott davis
July 27, 2022
I would love to see bca make a 460 10.5 side charging upper
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