BCA's .350 Legend - Your Freezer Will Love You!!!

BCA's .350 Legend - Your Freezer Will Love You!!!
September 20, 2022 Edited January 30, 2023 2114 view(s)
BCA's .350 Legend - Your Freezer Will Love You!!!

Deer Season is Just Around the Corner – Treat yourself to a LEGEND!!

The .350 Legend caliber is celebrating its third birthday. Since its inception, it has proven itself to be a true innovation in the shooting world. Ballistically, if a wild boar or deer comes within 200 yards, they could be tomorrow’s main course!!

Consider the take-down power as the cake, as the icing: 20% less recoil and 20% more penetration. Another great feature is the straight-walled case which makes it legal to hunt with rifles in several states that prior to its release did not allow rifle hunting (ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR WILDLIFE COMMISSION FOR HUNTING SEASONS and REGULATIONS).

Since deer season is near and most states allow wild boar hunting year-round, the BCA .350 Legend is the perfect match for accuracy, comfortable shooting, and filling your freezer.



  • Straight-walled case, making it legal to hunt with in several states that prior to its release did not allow rifle hunting. **ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR WILDLIFE COMMISSION FOR HUNTING SEASONS and REGULATIONS

  • 20% less recoil than a .243 Win but with 20% more penetration

  • More energy than .300 Blackout and .223 Remington

  • Five different factory loads from Winchester

  • Legitimate 200-yard caliber for game up to Whitetail Deer and Wild Boar



  • Still has 903 ft. lbs. of energy at 200 yds.

  • With 100-yard zero bullet drops +/- 5” at 200 yards

  • Lighter bullet gives superior terminal performance



  • Hunting game from fox to coyote, wild boar to deer

  • Helping younger and smaller framed shooters begin shooting with a low recoiling gun that can take small to medium-sized game

  • Home protection




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John Pugh
September 21, 2022
Are you guys going to have any uppers in the 350 legend or the 17HMR with 10 or 10.5” platform? I will buy one of each right now. Please consider. Thanks
Ralph Hernandez
September 22, 2022
I bought a B. C. A .350 Legend upper and Had huge charging issues with the rifle. About every fourth or fifth shot the bolt was not going fully to the rear to strip a new cartridge. Did a full strip down and cleaning of the Rifle including the buffer tube and went back to shooting Winchester 145 gr. conical bullets. Still had the feeding problem till I went to 180 grain bullets where feeding was 100%. After the break-in process I have no issues with the 350 legend, it will put 5 holes into a 2” Bull’s-Eye at 50 yards. Good work Bear Creak love the new look of the uppers.
September 22, 2022
I encountered the same problem but after a good cleaning and lube I am getting 1 1/2 groups at 100yds consistently. Found that it likes the 150 grain better than the 180's. I'm happy with the set-up for deer season. Thanks BCA
Alan Flygstad
September 26, 2022
Nice upper!!!
Kelly Flowers
October 5, 2022
I'm experiencing the same problem lots of others have. 150gr Win poly tips jam every 1-2 rounds. 180gr Win soft pt cycle properly every time. I really didn't want to send it back but it looks like I have no choice. I dare not do any polishing myself as I'm sure the warranty will be voided(as it should!). It doesn't appear it had any polishing as part of the manufacturing/QA process. It shoots well, when it chambers properly! (I'm using the CMMG mags I got from BCA at the time I got the upper) [Unfortunately I'm having the same feed problem with my BCA 450BM with Hornady 250gr FTX, but let's get one gun going at a time!] Any insights appreciated!
November 10, 2022
This more like a question; my brother bought a complete BCA rifle, 7.62× 39.it came with the BCA muti-caliber lower,if i buy ur complete .350 upper will it work...
November 20, 2022
The 350 legend will work on ar15 lower
James Fritz
November 15, 2022
Anyone have any issues with federal ammo, 180 grain blowing primers in there 350l. I have . Not very happy. I had a primer get stuck in the bolt and lock it up and now the receiver has a big scar in the top of it. Waiting for federal to get back to me . Not sure what to do.
Neil Novack
May 11, 2023
I'm building an AR for the 350Legend upper I purchased from ya'll. What sized buffer do you recommend? Carbine? Mid-length? Thanks for a reply.
May 12, 2023
We design all our uppers to work with standard 3.2oz buffer and springs, you do not need to change buffers for larger calibers; however, it is user discretion.
Neil Novack
May 11, 2023
Brian Roe
September 17, 2023
I use my firearms for hunting - not for the "coolness" factor at the gun range. I also live in one of those states that allow/ require a certain size straight wall cartridge in order to use a rifle to hunt deer. I have the BCA right side charging; .350 Legend; 20" non fluted, parkerized, heavy barrel - complete upper for this purpose. It is great for blind hunting. No so much for stalk hunting (too heavy, too long). I am not a fan of the M4 barrel profile. I am a fan of the heavy barrel profile. I do not care either way about fluting. I DO care about the "flash" from an uncoated stainless steel barrel -or- the "flash" from a coated barrel that has uncoated fluting. Again, I am a hunter. I do not want to "flash" my presents to wildlife. My request - Please produce a right side charging; .350 Legend; 16" fluted or not fluted, 100% parkerized or black nitride coated, heavy barrel - complete upper. Thank you for your consideration.
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