June Newsletter

June Newsletter
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June Newsletter

  Welcome to the June / 2024 edition of the Bear Creek Arsenal NEWSLETTER.



We would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of our loyal customers who, at checkout, click ROUND UP to increase their order total to the next whole dollar. This increase becomes a donation to the BCA Foundation.

The BCA Foundation was created by the Moore Family, owners of Bear Creek Arsenal. Through their generosity, the Foundation is supporting the local community, law enforcement, first responders, educational institutions, and veteran/military organizations. All of the funds from the ROUND UP program go directly to support these groups.

A noteworthy example of support by the Round Up initiative is the Buddy Backpack Program offered in the Harnett County, N.C. school system. Students identified with potential food insecurity are given a backpack of food each Friday which is adequate for the weekend when they are away from school and cannot participate in free breakfast / lunch programs. Until now, the Buddy backpack program was not available during the summer break. Starting summer 2024, the BCA Foundation has now doubled its donation which enables the program to be continued throughout the entire summer. Over 500 students participate in this program.

The Round Up also supports law enforcement with donations from Bear Creek Arsenal. The equipment given to ten different departments/agencies includes: 123 Complete Rifles, 18 Upper Assemblies, Gift Cards, 45 Red-Dot Scopes and 25 sets of Iron Sights. Supplying the most up-to-date equipment enables these first responders to complete their mission in a safer and more efficient manner.

In addition to clicking ROUND UP at checkout, donations can be made in two other ways. The customer’s Bear Creek Arsenal account is set up to accept direct donations. Also, by visiting www.thebcafoundation.com, a donation can be made and the entirety of the scope of the Foundation can be viewed. As it says on the home page:   




June is going to be a busy month for the shipping department at Bear Creek Arsenal. Below are listed new products being launched by the end of the month.


The much anticipated .22 Magnum version of our popular .22 Long Rifle is here. These use a rotary magazine and are not in the AR platform. Below are the features:

1)      Hogue over-molded textured stock with integrated sling mounts for no-slip grip and easy sling attachment

2)      High performance bolt with enhanced firing pin for reliable operation and ease of disassembly for cleaning

3)      Ruger BX High Performance Trigger for clean, crisp break

4)      Match grade 16” 416R Stainless Steel Bull barrel for superior accuracy and less cleaning

5)      Barrel includes an 11* target crown and a .920 diameter for enhanced accuracy and less barrel heat-up

6)      Patented side-charging action for fast reloading

7)      7075-T6 aluminum receiver with the M1913 integrated picatinny rail for solid optic mounting

8)      Detachable 10 round rotary magazine which fits flush with stock

9)      Compatible with many aftermarket Ruger 10/22 parts including magazines, trigger packs, and barrels


8.6 Blackout

As one of our most successful new calibers, the 8.6 Blackout was released recently with a 16” barrel. In the next few weeks, we will have available barrel lengths in 7.5,” 10.5,” and 12.5.”



Celebrating its 118th birthday, the old reliable .30-06 is now chambered in our proprietary AR platform, the  BC-8. Initially being offered with a 20” barrel, in short order there will be 22” and 24” versions available for those long-range shooters.



This is the baby brother to the original Grizzly 9mm full-size handgun but has all the same features in a compact. Release should be by end of July:

-          RMR Cut for optics

-          416R Stainless Steel barrel

-          Bear Fur Stippling on grip for better control 

-          M1913 Picatinny Rail for accessories such as flashlight

-          Window slide cuts

-          Photo luminescent Night Sights

-          Slide serrations for better grip

-          Two (2) 15 round magazines 


Enjoy your BCA products and above all:  BE SAFE!!!


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Tedd Peard
June 29, 2024
Absolutely love my upers can't believe the quality and really love my new carry back pack back here is awesome idea for you folks t shirts and sweat shirts and more stickers oyaa
Eric Ruiz
July 15, 2024
BCA Customer
July 7, 2024
I'm a strong believer in your uppers, so far no issues with the 3 I own! Will you be offering any more spiral fluted 18 inch uppers any time soon? I saw the 20 incher you have on sale right now but I'm sticking with 18 midlength setup instead.
July 21, 2024
Any word on if you will be adding any new 18 inch 308 nitride barrel uppers to your inventory list? I'm highly interested in getting that 18 inch SOCOM 308 upper you have on sale right now but I'd have no problem waiting for a nitride version of that upper if they will be added to your page soon. Would love to know if you have any info on that, thanks!
BCA Customer Service
July 22, 2024
Hey Mythic, There are no plans to add any new configurations to the 308 upper assemblies. Remember to always shop BCA for your largest selection of AR10 Upper assemblies (https://www.bearcreekarsenal.com/calibers/308-winchester/308-complete-uppers.html)
July 22, 2024
aww thats a shame! I was super interested in that upper configuration I mentioned previously, are you saying whatever you have available is the only thing that BCA will put out into inventory for who knows how long? So my only option would be to build one out? I'm surprised you guys dont have any bear claw 18 inch 308 uppers, those barrels seem to sell a lot but the 20 inch version upper you have available seems like it would be to heavy for my liking which is why I'm leaning towards the 18 inch. If your parkerized barrels came chrome lined I would jump all over that 18 inch socom upper you guys have on sale right now but I dont want to have to worry about keeping it oiled all the time which is why I like nitride.
Brian Smith
July 21, 2024
Are you going to start offering colored parts an I’m trying to find a 10m upper about 10to16inc an I see you have them an the 9mm an you offer the the 9mm uppers but you don’t offer the 45acp or the 10mm upper an I’m looking to get my son a 350 legend but I’m trying to save the couple hundred bucks for it but you guy are still the cheapest online an my hate goes off to you guy an the hard work you’re doing.. i appreciate your hole team an god bless you guys…i noticed tho you guys don’t offer much in frames or colored parts for AR’s an the hand guns but im just trying to ask about the stuff in this message i got it if you don’t want to deal with this or that but i like to know what you think an why i guess
BCA Customer Service
July 22, 2024
Hey Brian, Thank you so much for the kind words, we are glad you like out products. unfortunately there are no plans to make more colored AR parts mostly due to the lack of enough interest. Things always change though so keep your eye out for new products.
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