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AR-15 Billet Rifle: New Design & Magpul Furniture [Video]

AR-15 Billet Rifle
July 9, 2021 Edited March 14, 2023 1693 view(s)
AR-15 Billet Rifle: New Design & Magpul Furniture [Video]


Today we're featuring one of our newest AR-15 rifles which features our billet upper receiver and newly designed lower receiver. This rifle also includes some upgrades to the furniture in the form of a Magpul stock and Magpul pistol grip.


AR spread out on a table


Billet Upper Receiver

Each billet design is unique to the company the AR was manufactured by, because unlike forged receivers, billet upper and lower receivers are cut from a solid block of aluminum, which gives the manufacturer total creative control of the design. Some of the features of Bear Creek Arsenal’s billet design include a more defined brass deflector and squared design of the forward assist channel that flows well with the design of the upper.

Side view of an AR


Billet Lower Receiver

The magazine well of the lower was intentionally left full of space to do any customization such as engraving or cerakoting to allow you to create a one-of-a-kind AR-15 rifle. Another unique aspect to the lower receiver is the trigger guard, which is integrated into the lower receiver, unlike the traditional forged lower receivers.  The lower is all one piece so there's no pins or screws, which adds to the overall look and structural integrity of the receiver itself. Our bolt catch is also held in with a set screw similar to the style that is on our AR-10 lower receivers. So instead of having a roll pin (which are often a pain to try to get in and out without dinging up your receiver) the bolt catches on our billet lowers are held in with a set screw.

Shell casing flying out from side of an AR


Advantages of a Billet Rifle

The main advantages to a billet rifle are the look, feel, and durability of the rifle. The unique design of this rifle is great for anyone who is looking for something different and custom to take to the range. Our billet uppers and lowers are also manufactured with thicker walls than forged receivers, increasing their strength, durability, and heat resistance.



Make sure to watch our video above to get an up close look at our newest billet rifle and see some of the accuracy you can expect from this AR-15. If you have any questions on ordering a gun online, watch our video explaining how the FFL process works and which items can be shipped straight to your door.

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Dan McIntire
September 9, 2021
Fingers crossed over here!
Terry Rehring
September 17, 2021
This mentions magpul but my 15” BCA handgaurd won’t accept magpul hard-sights. Or any other brand I’ve tried. Just wandering if anyone else is having problems with there iron sights not working on the 15” hanguards
February 10, 2022
I have purchased several uppers from Bear Creek and I have had no problems installing sights. I have used Bear Creek, Meprolight, Magpul and some other brands from Amazon.
Matthew Cinkosky
March 10, 2022
No problems on any of my uppers.. I've put cheapies up to expensive and they all do great. Amazon...
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