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Manufacturing Direct: The Bear Creek Arsenal Difference

Manufacturing Direct: The Bear Creek Arsenal Difference
February 5, 2020 Edited March 9, 2023 7157 view(s)
Manufacturing Direct: The Bear Creek Arsenal Difference

Bear Creek Arsenal's Mission

Our philosophy at Bear Creek Arsenal is that every American should afford to furnish their firearm collection with the highest quality of AR rifles, as their passion for owning premium firearms should not be overlooked by the cost to own one. Many AR-15 companies import products from other manufacturers and then upcharge their customers once they slap their brand name on the product. We at Bear Creek Arsenal, on the other hand, offer our customers incredible value, because we manufacture nearly everything in our rifles, pistols, uppers, and lowers at our facility here in Sanford, NC. 

At Bear Creek Arsenal, we manufacture 100s of mission-specific barrels, upper assemblies, lower assemblies, and components for rifle and pistol shooters. All of our products are machined in-house, to exact specifications at an affordable price.


How is Bear Creek Arsenal So Affordable?

Our secret is scale. Bear Creek Arsenal’s Sanford, NC facility houses over 400 CNC machines running night and day to produce a dizzying array of critical components. Our rifles and complete uppers are assembled, inspected, and finished in-house, before shipping direct from BCA to you. From .450 Bushmaster to 5.56 NATO, BCA ships more direct-to-consumer barrels, upper assemblies, and rifles in more calibers and in more twist rates than any other manufacturer.

Bear Creek Arsenal AR barrels start from 4150 chrome moly vanadium steel or 416R pre-hardened chromium stainless steel and are then sawed to a variety of specific barrel lengths from raw stock shipped directly to BCA from producers in the USA. Each barrel is then drilled, reamed, rifled, turned, and (if desired) fluted in-house at our Sanford, NC facility using one of our hundreds of CNC machines and then parkerized, nitrided, powder-coated, or polished.


Are Bear Creek Arsenal's Products Good Quality?

Quality ControlManufacturing of each Bear Creek Arsenal AR-15 and AR-10 upper assembly begins with critical components machined in-house to exact tolerances. Our upper assembly handguards are made of black anodized or Cerakoted 7075-T6 aluminum mated to a 4150 chrome moly vanadium steel barrel and a flash hider, barrel nut, gas block, gas tube, bolt carrier group, and charging handle made of 9310 steel manufactured and parkerized at our 335,000 square foot facility in Sanford, NC. Each upper assembly undergoes a stringent quality assurance inspection which includes visual and machine inspection and a test firing.

Bear Creek Arsenal's complete AR-15 and AR-10 rifles consist of critical components manufactured from 416R pre-hardened chromium stainless steel, 4150 chrome moly vanadium steel, 7075 aerospace aluminum, or 9310 steel machined to exacting tolerances in-house at our Sanford, NC facility, then assembled and inspected following our stringent quality assurance processes. Our inspection process includes visual and machine inspection, and test firing. Our rifles are available in more calibers and in more twist rates than from any other manufacturer, shipped directly from our factory to the consumer.


Bear Creek Arsenal Innovation

Because we do all our product development, testing, and production in-house here in North Carolina, Bear Creek Arsenal has become an industry leader in AR-15 and AR-10 innovation. Our side charging uppers have become extremely popular as many people love the advantages of a side charging AR-15 including ease of use with a scope or body armor and the ability to correct malfunctions without affecting your sight picture. Additionally, Bear Creek Arsenal offers an incredible range of calibers to allow you to defend yourself and loved ones, plink, and hunt all while using the incredibly user-friendly AR platform. 

We at Bear Creek Arsenal are dedicated to providing our customers with the utmost quality – utilizing the finest machining methods and technology – to provide the most competitively priced AR rifles in the industry while exceeding our customers’ expectations. Check out some of our other helpful blog posts and start shopping for your next AR-15 or AR-10 from Bear Creek Arsenal!


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Daniel Infante
December 7, 2021
I just got a glock 17 barrel and was wondering if they are supported. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
December 8, 2021
Yes they are.
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