The Cheapest Ammo Prices By Caliber Chart [Updated 2021]

Ammo Prices 2021
February 26, 2021 Edited March 14, 2023 35320 view(s)
The Cheapest Ammo Prices By Caliber Chart [Updated 2021]

[We have an updated infographic for 2022 Ammo Prices! Click to see how the market has changed. Best of luck out there and be sure to check out our selection of AR-15 uppers and AR-15 rifles before you go!]

Since March of 2020, the ammunition industry has experienced a dramatic rise in demand and subsequent ammo shortage that rivals anything most anything gun owners have seen in their lifetime. A combination of fear over Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions, civil unrest, over 8 million new gun owners, growth of the hunting industry, and the presidential election fueled consumer desire for food for their rifles and strained ammo manufacturer's facilities and supply chains. As 2020 concluded, it became clear that the ammo shortage would continue well into 2021 and prices for popular calibers would continue to rise. Take a look at our infographic to see the cheapest price per round you can expect to pay in 2021 and the percent change from typical 2019 prices.


Cheapest Ammo Price Chart 2021


While many of us are still frustrated with the higher ammo prices, it is still encouraging to see that prices have gone down since the last time we did this chart during the peak of Covid-19.

We hope you learned a lot from this infographic and are better equipped to navigate the treacherous waters of ammo hunting in 2021. Leave a comment about which ammo price surprised you the most and check out our helpful guides like Guide to 450 Bushmaster and AR Pistols.


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Bryan Staker
February 26, 2021
I picked up 223 and 5.56 for 60 to 70 cents per round at Dicks Sporting Goods, Sportsman Warehouse, and a local firearms dealer in MARYLAND. So, someone is price gouging online? I am not saying BCA. But, many online are charging at least a dollar or more per round.
Grayson Eyster
February 26, 2021
Gun broker . Com is way gouging....try when they have it in the prices are great!
Adam w.
February 26, 2021
I thought dicks went all woke on guns by now
February 26, 2021
The online prices are, to say the least, discusting.. these vendors should be ashamed of what they are "pirating to gun owners", because that's what they are doing. I just picked up 45acp locally for .50 cents per round (ball) and .60 for hollowpoints.. 800 rounds total. And that was too much.
Dan Jacobs
February 26, 2021
Pretty good price, but i refuse to buy from Dicks after they banned the AR's.
February 26, 2021
Agree with you 100%
Kurt Pfeffer
February 26, 2021
Dicks doesnt sell223 or 5 56 ammo
February 26, 2021
I've seen big box stores staying closer to normal prices like $10-14 for 50 9mm rounds, even bought 223 for $10 for 20 rounds. The biggest hike I've seen was in the hometown stores.. is it price gouging or are they really paying more to get ammo? South West Michigan
November 11, 2021
I have a buddy that's a small FFL, and he has several contacts in the area. The problem they're facing is that distributors aren't getting much stock because priority is going to large stores that can take pallets at a time, or even entire truckloads. The smaller shops are having to buy from the box stores just to have stuff on the shelves. My buddy only stocks it just to have some available when someone buys a gun in that caliber.
David Hardin
February 27, 2021
God bless the Russians. Though steel cased may be dirty and it performs. They're filling the gaps from the American ammo manufactures.
Rob Driggs
February 27, 2021
I saw this ammo shortage coming years ago and started reloading . It's all a tactic to jack the price where most can't afford to buy ammo in bulk anymore . It's a win , win for ammo manufactures while ammo consumers take it in the wallet or empty wallet should I say !
Phil Bolfing
February 27, 2021
Bryan, For one thing $.60-$.70 per round for 223 or 5.56 is the norm right now. During times like these you can always find people who are gouging. And also I can't even imagine why any hunter or shooter or any Patriotic American would buy anything from Dick's Sporting Goods after they threw all of us under the bus showing that they hate the Second Amendment.
February 27, 2021
Ammo is flying off the shelf and you get it where you can right now. I prefer local gun stores, but they are price gouging. So, where do you go? You get it where you can find it. Dick's had the target load for shooting clays, for my son's Shotgun badge. Sportsman Warehouse can't stay stocked for even a day. I hear you and I'm not a fan of buying from Dick's.
February 27, 2021
There's a lot of speculators buying up ammo they don't even want just to make money. If we all refuse to pay the price gouging and refuse to buy on the secondary market, those speculators will be forced to come down and sell at reasonable prices.
February 27, 2021
I hope you bought plenty.
Danny Willard
February 27, 2021
I agree with prices you posted for most if not all of the ammunition. However; the price increases you show are at the retail level. It would be interesting to see the changes occuring at a wholesale or dealer level. While most of your sales may be to individuals or people buying just for their own use, I purchase 95+% of my ammunition for resale. At the present time, due to my small sized shop/store, virtually nothing is available for me to purchase.
Old Jarhead
February 27, 2021
Just finding ammunition to sell is tougher than most realize. Some websites like BCA have kept things reasonable given the market conditions. You want prices to come down, stop buying it. Since that is not going to happen, be diligent, fill out the "notify me when in stock" window and wait. It'll get more plentiful at some point but I'm afraid the days of $199 cans of Wolf are in the rear view mirror.
February 27, 2021
I guess waiting for 300Blackout to come down isn’t going to happen. Sold the extra car, pickup and even the 66 Tbird to afford home defense. I guess finding ammo at near normal prices should be encouraging. Anyone looking for a barely used firstborn male offspring?
February 27, 2021
My 2 cents; worth everything you paid for it: Given the corporate stance on gun ownership, coupled with the fact that they (Dick's) destroyed over five million dollars worth of "black rifles" in inventory at that time, leaves me to ask why anyone who owns a gun would ever shop at Dick's?
Danny Tate
February 27, 2021
Prices have gone up and your summary seems to be about right, for retail pricing. Looks like your prices are retail usage. I do not purchase ammo at retail prices since I am a dealer. The price gouging seems to be at a level between distributor/manufacturer level and retail level. Dealers are gouging, my wholesale prices have gone up very little, if any. Guess your company is one of many that are taking advantage of folks to make more money. I understand but since I do not sell products at a 200+% markup, I do not agree with what you are doing but agree with your right to do as you think appropriate.
August 8, 2021
do u sell to public?? if so price sheet per cal, where the break for amount, thanks ron
Chris M Smalley
February 27, 2021
Yes , the change in pricing since Feb 2020 has been insane . I have enjoyed target shooting all my life and now my sons are at that age where teaching correct and safe firearm handling is important to me . The sky rocketing of prices has made my ammo supply as valuable as gold and we aren't replacing what we shoot. I'm hoping prices start to drop here soon because I'm not paying $22 for a box of 20 .223 ammo, thats just stupid. Maybe by fall the prices and availability will get back to pre 2019 prices ? Fingers crossed.
mark milby
February 27, 2021
Everyone is charging to much for ammo and Covid -19 is the excuse everyone is using for everything. It just people and companies wanting more money that all. The demarcates are helping cause the ammo shortage so they can slack off of gun control. all the guns in world are no good without ammo. Good old fashion Socialisms!!!!!!
Joe smart
July 9, 2021
What are "demarcates"? What are " Socialisms "? Why is it always about conspiracies with you people? New gun owners and hoarder nitwits have made ammo disappear, both fueled by fearmongeting by republicans. In the next year you will see about 4million guns that have been fired once up for sale, owned currently by girlfriends, wives, and yuppy posers who don't know the difference between a hammer fired pistol and a striker fired pistol.
August 8, 2021
hey joe your name is the same as slo joe and your last rimesfart is what i think of your demorat b/s talk !!!!!. would b glad to discuss, fuss,cuss or what ever u desire. spelling aint got nuttin 2 do wid it !!!
Adam w
February 27, 2021
I know that you gonna struggle to find Grendel anywhere for less that 3 or 4 dollars a round
February 27, 2021
I didn't know dicks carried ammo anymore. No self respecting gun owner would set foot in that store!
Dan Jacobs
February 28, 2021
That's why it's a good idea to diversify calibers.
July 10, 2021
Agreed...fuckin genius
Russell Stewart
March 1, 2021
I picked up .556 and .223 for $1.00 in north Carolina last week. They didn't have any limitations on purchases. I am not sure the quality of this ammo.
March 3, 2021
Everybody loves supply side economics until they realize who really controls the system. If only there was a way to say, oh I don't know, maybe regulate this kind of price gouging. But I guess true "patriots" would rather freeze to death or pay through the nose than consider anything like that. The hypocrisy is astounding sometimes.
November 26, 2021
Dont listen to this knucklehead ! A free market will always outperform a regulated one. Open you eyes and think about it for one freaking minute… what’s more likely to meet customer demand, the incentive of a company to capitalize on high prices by doing everything it can to ramp up production or price fixing? Excluding government purchases and supply disruption, it’s the customer who is the cause for these prices because of our willingness to pay them. Modern markets suffer greatly from even the slightest disruption because the efficiency of “just in time distribution”. It’s YOUR responsibility to manage YOUR OWN stock and stop looking for a nanny to do it for you!
Joseph Gonzales
March 24, 2021
Well good thing I just purchased a .458 upper from yall! Ammo is a little bit hard to find but can still be bought on the interweb!
Thomas Fortenberry
August 6, 2021
Every one making/selling ammo is gouging prices. Every one. Not sure the Deep State is not involved. This old man has stopped buying any for now. This ain’t Capitalism it Robbery.
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