A burning desire for freedom

The pull of the wild is irresistible, it’s boundless nature ignites the need to explore and discover. BCA understands this need and has created the WYLDEFYRE to provide our customers the perfect rifle to prepare them for the challenges they may encounter



The wild is unpredictable and rugged.  We understand that an explorer needs a reliable tool that is not only efficient but reliable in its delivery. That is why the wyldefyr comes equipped with a Hand lapped barrel to increase bullet velocity and accuracy.


We've fluted the barrel  with straight flutes making it both light and heat resistant. 

Not only is your barrel ideal for your mission but comes with a striking style of its own.

Range : 200 yards


Accuracy: Under 1" groups 



  • Straight Fluted 20” 416 R Stainless Steel Barrel
  • Hand-lapped barrel
  • Serial Engraved on barrel


  • Gen2 Right Side Charging
  • 3 lb Velocity Trigger
  • Mil spec Billet Multicaliber Lower



  • Upgraded MagPul Buttstock
  • Upgraded MagPul Grip
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