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BCA is thrilled to offer our complete range of products to Utah's unique and dynamic market. Our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction matches perfectly with Utah's adventurous and outdoor-focused lifestyle. We're excited to engage with and contribute to the Utah community, bringing our high-quality products closer to our valued customers throughout the state.


Salt Lake City: A Blend of Urban and Natural Beauty

In Salt Lake City, where urban sophistication meets stunning natural landscapes, our products cater to both the city dweller and the outdoor enthusiast. Whether you're planning a hunting trip in the nearby Wasatch Mountains or looking for personal defense solutions in the city, we've got you covered.

Celebrating Utah's Rich Culture

Utah, with its unique blend of natural wonders and a strong community spirit, is more than just a place - it's a lifestyle. From the famous Utah Jazz games to the serene beauty of the Great Salt Lake, we understand that life in Utah is diverse and full of adventure.

Join us in embracing the spirit of Utah. Visit us online or at our local stores in Salt Lake City and West Valley City. Experience the quality and service that make BCA a trusted name in firearm sales.

Utah Areas We Service

  • Salt Lake City
  • St. George
  • Eagle Moutnain
  • La Sal
  • Provo
  • Grantsville
  • Cedar City
  • West Valley City

and more...

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Beyond AR-15 Uppers: Discover Complete Rifles, Parts, and More

Our passion for firearms goes beyond the popular AR-15. We proudly offer a diverse range of products, encompassing various platforms like the AR-10, AR-9, and a wide selection of pistols.

AR-10: The AR-10: Ideal for Long-Distance Precision and Power. Perfect for marksmanship and big-game hunting, it offers unmatched accuracy and reliability.

AR-9: Combining the AR platform's design with 9mm's affordability and lower recoil, it's perfect for recreational shooting and more.

Pistols: From classic elegance to modern innovation, our pistols are engineered for performance and comfort, catering to all preferences.

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