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BCA (Bear Creek Arsenal) is thrilled to extend our entire range of firearms and accessories to the great state of Texas.

As a company, we understand and appreciate the rich heritage and strong culture of responsible gun ownership in Texas. Known for our high-quality AR10 and AR15 rifles, along with a diverse selection of complete uppers, lowers, parts, and accessories, BCA is committed to providing Texans with reliable and innovative products. From the bustling streets of Houston to the historic heart of San Antonio, we see an incredible opportunity to support both seasoned shooters and newcomers to firearms.

Our commitment goes beyond just offering products; we aim to be a part of the community, supporting the exercise of Second Amendment rights in Texas with passion and responsibility. We look forward to becoming a trusted name in every Texan household for high-quality firearms and accessories.

Houston and Beyond - Gun Sales in Texas:

Texas Gun StoreTexas Gun Store
  • Houston
  • San Antonio
  • Corpus Christi
  • Dallas
  • Fort Worth
  • Austin
  • El Paso
  • Galveston

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Texas Rifle Sales and Services

  • AR-15 Rifles and Parts: A diverse collection of AR-15 rifles, including complete uppers, complete lowers, striped lowers, and more.
  • AR-10 Rifles: A wide selection of uppers and accessories for the AR 10 platform.
  • BC-8: High-performance AR-styled long action semi-automatic rifle
  • Pistol Caliber Carbines: A popular choice for firearm enthusiasts who want a compact, versatile, and reliable firearm that is easy to handle and shoot.
  • Handguns: Shop our vast selection of semi-auto handguns, revolvers, and pistol parts.
  • Accessories: From magazines to optics, BCA offers it all at unbeatable prices.
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