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Bear Creek Arsenal is proud to offer our full line of firearms and accessories to the Peach State. Our lineup, featuring the expertly crafted AR-10 and AR-15 rifles, as well as a diverse selection of uppers, lowers, parts, and accessories, is perfectly suited to the varied interests of Georgia's gun enthusiasts.

From the bustling streets of Atlanta to the historic charm of Savannah, our products find resonance across the state. In Georgia, our commitment to providing high-quality firearms and accessories is matched by our dedication to responsible gun ownership and community engagement. For detailed information and guidance, we encourage you to consult your local Georgian authorities regarding gun sales.

Georgia Areas We Service

Atlanta, GA AR-15 Rifle for SaleAtlanta, GA AR-15 Rifle for Sale
  • Atlanta
  • Augusta
  • Macon
  • Savannah
  • Athens
  • Sandy Springs
  • South Fulton

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Beyond AR-15 Uppers: Discover Complete Rifles, Parts, and More

Our passion for firearms goes beyond the popular AR-15. We proudly offer a diverse range of products, encompassing various platforms like the AR-10, AR-9, and a wide selection of pistols.

AR-10: Power and Precision for the Avid Shooter The AR-10 stands out for those seeking a blend of power and long-range precision. It's a top choice for long-distance marksmanship and big-game hunting, thanks to its superior accuracy and dependability.

AR-9: A Unique Fusion of AR Style and 9mm Efficiency Embrace the best of both worlds with the AR-9. It merges the AR platform's familiarity with the cost-effectiveness and manageable recoil of 9mm ammunition. Ideal for recreational shooting and home defense, the AR-9 is a versatile and practical option.

Pistols: A Range for Every Enthusiast Our pistol collection offers something for everyone, whether you prefer classic elegance or modern innovation. Known for their precise engineering, reliable performance, and ergonomic design, our pistols cater to a variety of preferences and purposes.

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