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For frequent shooters nothing is more important than the reliability of your rifle’s barrel. This is why BCA has sought to always improve and deliver the best form of your gun’s heart.
Hammer forged technology enables us to create barrels that can withstand the most torturous of conditions and still deliver accurately. BCA’s Cold Hammer Barrels offer a value that is engraved in every fold of our product.

Recipe of The BCA CHF Complete Upper Assembly


Lightweight MLOK Handguard for easier manuverbility and ease of use.

Cold Hammer Forged BCA Barrel with over 4x barrel life

Enhanced BCG ( Bolt Carrier Group) made for enhanced Durability.


The process of Hammer forging is an intense and expensive one, it is why most companies do without. At BCA we are committed to delivering the very best in terms of technology and services at the most affordable price. We take this commitment so seriously that we are one of 5 companies in the USA to own not one but 2 state of the art Cold Hammer forged machines. Our offering of calibers continues to grow as our commitment to supplying the best product at the most affordable price. Check out our collection of hammer forged rifles and complete Upper assemblies. To learn more about our process check out our in-depth look into Cold Hammer forging here.

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