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Many hunters get nostalgic thinking about the .410 Shotgun. For most, this is the first shotgun they ever used. Memories of going out with the men in their lives, being taught early on the techniques, and patience of waiting for the best moment to pull the trigger.


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Bear Creek Arsenal’s AR .410 with included full choke increases effective range to 50 yards!






This past Monday another memory of the .410 came to pass as a young twelve-year-old went out turkey hunting with his dad and the Bear Creek Arsenal AR15 .410 Shotgun. In North Carolina, the youth under seventeen turkey season started April 1st, 2023. On the third day of anticipation, this 5” long bearded jake was brought down from a sixty plus yard shot in an open, rainy, windy field using the BCA .410 Shotgun.

The father/son team had scouted the area and found the ideal spot. All the hours of practicing with the call paid off as they were able to coax a group of turkeys out into the open field and the young man was able to make the perfect shot. The rifle had:

a Carson’s TSS turkey choke

MFT Battlelink buttstock

MagPul grip

MagPul flip up sights to co-witness with the 30mm red dot sight.

The .410 was loaded with a 3” number 9 Remington TSS load. This same shotgun was used to get the youth’s first deer and squirrel last season.


While the sixty-yard shot was impressive, it is the time spent with a father, grandfather, or mentor that makes success in the field even more memorable. Passing along hunting secrets from generation to generation on how to be in the right spot, and having the right firearm, makes the memory of the .410 Shotgun to be a timeless classic.







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