What platform pattern are your AR10 Uppers?

Our uppers are made based on the DPMS Gen1 Low Profile model.

With the AR10, there are many different designs and models out there, and each company tends to create and design its own unique platform.  For that reason, we cannot guarantee the fitment of our uppers to any other companies lower other than our own.

Aero M5 Lowers: For the Gen 2 Side Charging uppers the tensioning screw needs to be lowered completely, or simply removed, in order for the BCA side charge assembly to be properly fitted onto the Gen 2 lower receiver and both take down pins be inserted completely. This does NOT apply to the standard rear charging upper assembly, ONLY the side charging assembly. The Standard Rear Charge assembly will work just fine without having to remove the tensioning screw of the Aero M5 lower receiver.

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