BCA Sub One Xtreme AR-15 Complete Upper Assembly, 20" 416R Stainless Heavy Barrel, .223 Wylde, Rifle Length Gas System, 1:9 Twist w/ 17" Lightweight Keymod

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SKU: UA223WRHB2019-(17)LWKM(S1)

  • 20" Heavy Barrel
  • 416R Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Finish
  • 1:9 Twist
  • 17" LWKM Rail
  • .223 Wylde Caliber
  • Rifle Length Gas System
  • M4 Flat Top Forged Upper Receiver
  • BCA Standard BCG
  • Charging Handle
  • Bird Cage Flash Hider

The BCA Sub One Xtreme AR-15 Complete Upper Assembly has a 20" heavy barrel made of 416R stainless steel with a stainless finish, rifle length gas system and a 1:9 twist. The assembly includes a 17" lightweight keymod rail, an m4 flat top forged upper receiver, a bolt carrier group, a charging handle, and a birdcage flash hider. It is chambered in .223 Wylde and machined with M4 feed ramps in the barrel extension.

  • Free Shipping, 
  • Comes with a money back guarantee, if you are dissatisfied for any reason, BCA will pay for the return freight and give a full refund. 
  • Will also include the targets and 10 bullets from the same lot as the upper assembly was tested fired with.

In the early days of America, when food from wild game was the means of provisions for your family, and the times equally required the need to defend and protect your family, the need for an accurate rifle was very important. Men being men in their leisure time would sit around and brag about what an accurate shooter they were, and how they could shoot straighter and better than the next man, often leading to a challenge. To settle this argument, and of course, to show off a bit, the men would drive a nail, or tack into a tree, and everyone involved would take turns seeing how close they could place a bullet to the tack. Of course, anyone that could “drive the tack” into the tree was the best shooter. The phrase “tack driver” became popular and still is today in certain circles but is HIGHLY OVERUSED. BCA has taken this phrase and what it represents and transformed it into a single, modern-day description……. XTREME!! In terms of bragging rights, nothing has changed with today’s serious shooter, nor has his desire to defend and protect his family. This competitive spirit is still very much alive, it has simply taken on a new face in the form of Speed Shooters, Big Game Hunters, 3 gun Competitions, and Long Range Shoot Outs, to name a few. A serious shooter is still very proud of the rifle he carries and the ability it has to perform with extreme accuracy. However, a man can have great talent as a marksman, but he is only as accurate to the target as the barrel of his gun allows him to be. BCA has taken all of this into consideration, and now proposes this question to YOU. Would you like to turn your regular AR-15, at a reasonable price, into a SUB ONE XTREME at literally NO risk to you? Bear Creek Arsenal has always prided ourselves in the quality and accuracy of our barrels. Our craftsmanship comes from years of research and development. BCA has recently embarked on what we hope will be a game changer. We have taken our process to an even higher level. We have developed what we want to market as a high-end upper assembly, that delivers extreme accuracy at your control. We are offering this at a price point affordable to the novice, yet suitable for a competition level shooter. We are introducing the “BCA Sub One Xtreme” Upper Assembly, equipped with our 20" 416R Stainless Steel Heavy Barrel, Non-Fluted,.223 Wylde, Rifle Length Gas System w/ 1:9 Twist, dressed up with the 17” Parkerized Key Mod rail. This assembly will list for $799.90 but is being sold at the introductory price of only $499.90 BCA is offering a full 30 day Money Back Guarantee with your purchase. You will also receive the actual target we test fired against, and ten free rounds of the same ammo used to achieve the MOA shot with the very rifle you have purchased. If you are not pleased with your BCA SUB ONE XTREME upper assembly, return it to BCA undamaged, we will pay the freight, and you’ll receive a FULL refund. There is a limited supply of the highly accurate “BCA SUB ONE XTREME”. Order Now @ www.bearcreekarsenal.com

The BCA AR-15 Complete Upper Assembly, like all BCA products, is subjected to numerous QA/QC checks which for our firearms and upper receiver assemblies includes test firing prior to approval and shipment. This upper assembly is also backed by our BCA limited lifetime warranty. Choose an upper assembly designed by a U.S. company and made in the U.S.A. Choose BCA.

More Information
SKU UA223WRHB2019-(17)LWKM(S1)
Weight 4.5000
Length 20
Profile Heavy Barrel
Twist 1:9
Finish Stainless
Material 416R Stainless Steel
Thread Pitch 1/2 x 28
Caliber .223 Wylde
Feed Ramp M4
Flutes N/A
Gas System Rifle
Gas Block System 0.750
Gas Hole Diameter 0.093
Charging Style Rear Charging
Color Black
Dimpled Yes
Platform AR-15