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Father's Day Gift Guide

Bundles and Deals

Check out our selection of bundles and deals in  Deals den and Bundles . Happy Father's day.


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If your dad is a do-it-yourself guy that likes to build his own guns, we have parts such as bolt carrier groups, barrels, muzzle brakes, gas blocks, upper and lower receivers just to name a few. For the man who likes simplicity, we have complete upper assemblies and complete guns. We also carry an extensive selection of gear, such as Otis gun cleaning kits, optics, tactical flashlights, and related merchandise for the hunter and shooter. Just in time for Father’s Day we have bundle packages that match compatible products. This takes the guesswork out of choosing the best accessories.

Listed below are some our most popular gift ideas. ORDER TODAY for the best selection and fastest shipping.



Otis bone tool






Universal rifle cleaning kit



Universal Rifle Cleaning Kit
1000 lumens flashlight



1000 Lumens tactical kit
ar1 red dot sight



AR-15 Red dot sight
cleaning mat



Cleaning mat 
bca tumbler

$ 11.99


BCA Tumbler
bca brand hat



BCA brand Hat
BCA gift card



BCA gift Card
bullet water bottle



Bullet Bottle
5.56 nato rifle



5.56 NATO rifle




bca bullet water bottle   

            You will make all the other dads jealous when they see YOUR dad’s BCA BULLET BOTTLE! Use it as a thermos or to decorate a man cave. Either way, your dad will love you for it.



Otis b.o.n.e. tool

Help your dad clean his Bolt Carrier Group quicker with the BCA B.O.N.E. tool. It will scrape fouling from the bolt, bolt carrier, and firing pin faster than brushes alone. Less time cleaning, more time shooting!


Universal Rifle Cleaning Kit

Universal rifle cleaning kits

It is amazing what the Bear Creek Arsenal Universal Rifle Cleaning Kit can do. With bore brushes from .22 cal. to .357 cal. and an aircraft-grade Memory-Flex cable, your dad’s guns will be cleaner than ever before. Also includes cleaning jags, patches, and lubricant.


1000 Lumens Tactical Kit

1k lumens tactical flashlight

The Bear Creek Arsenal Light Kit is one of our most popular gifts for Father’s Day. Easy to see why because it comes complete with a 1,000 Lumens Light, Picatinny mount, detachable pressure switch, and storage case.


BCA AR-15 Red Dot Sight

BCA AR-15 red dot sight

The Bear Creek Arsenal Red Dot style scope is a guaranteed winner for Father’s Day. Watch his face light up when he sees all the features: 

red/green reticle, lens caps, extended mount, and variable eye relief.


BCA AR-15 5.56 NATO with A2 Front Sight, Carry Handle and Non-Collapsible Buttstock

bca ar15 5.56 nato rifle

This complete rifle is perfect for the shooter that desires long-range accuracy. It comes with a 20” barrel and 1:7 twist to accommodate heavier bullets.


BCA Cleaning Mat 

BCA cleaning mats

A must-have for every workbench and loading table. This bonded polyester helps protect guns from scratches and is printed with a schematic of the AR15. Keeps all the parts and components together during cleanings and repairs


BCA Tumbler

bca drink tumbler

A perfect gift for every Dad. Made of stainless steel and is vacuum insulated. Keeps hot and cold beverages and is big enough for canned drinks. Has acrylic lid with a thumb slide closure.


BCA Trucker Hat

bca trucker hat

This BCA Trucker-style hat is an easy choice. It has a mesh back for comfort and is fully adjustable. Hats are always in season


BCA Gift Card

bca gift cards

Still can’t decide? YOU DON’T HAVE TO!! Get Dad a BCA gift card and let him pick out his own perfect gift.

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