300 Blackout Pistols

Shop for a high-performance 300 Blackout pistol from Bear Creek Arsenal! 300 Blackout uses a fast-burning powder that obtains full ballistic potential out of a 9-inch barrel and offers much more stopping power than other popular calibers. With accuracy and durability that stands above the competition, you always stay on target no matter the occasion. 300 blackout pistols are incredible hunting and self-defense options that offer the advantages of shooting both supersonic and subsonic ammunition reliably with a suppressor. And if you prefer to create your own build, check out our vast selection of 300 Blackout uppers to get started!

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"Carving out a niche in the competitive firearms industry, BCA offers an attractive blend of quality, variety, affordability, and exceptional customer service. This unique mix has resulted in a robust customer base that respects Bear Creek not only as a firearms manufacturer but as a trustworthy and reliable brand."


-Unrivaled Craftsmanship and Affordability: Exploring Bear Creek Arsenal’s Impact on the Firearms Industry


We’ve always prided ourselves on producing quality products at affordable prices. To keep it simple we’ll save you spending the amounts our competitors charge while guaranteeing you will love our product.
Still in doubt? here are some things our customers have to say about their 7.5 series experience.



    Very smooth.

  • JM


    I can out shoot some of my friends larger rifles with my pistol. Some of them have well over $1,500 in their guns and they can't hold as tight of groups as this can

  • KIRK


    I got this for fun and research, the 7.5 barrel is higher velocity and very accurate,…



    First AR-15 pistol, and it is everything I had hoped for! Solid build and fun to shoot!



    Love the side charging. Fits my Radical Firearms lower perfect. Not my first BC purchase and won't be my last. I can tell they take pride in their products.

  • J.R


    BCA will follow thru with any indiscretion from a perfect product received. That’s why I keep coming back!!

  • JACK


    As usual with Bear Creek, unbeatable Finish, Fit and Function. What more could you want? Thanks BCA

Side Charging 

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