The 10mm Auto cartridge was introduced in 1983, developed for the Bren Ten pistol and was later adopted by the FBI and law enforcement until it was decommissioned in 1989. This incredible 10mm cartridge is considered high velocity, reaching up to 2,400 ft/s with some ammo types, and has a less arcing flight path compared to other similar handgun cartridges. 10mm guns are used for hunting, target shooting, and home defense, and is one of the very few semi-auto rimless cartridges legal for hunting whitetail deer in many states across the US. Bear Creek Arsenal is proud to provide a selection of 10mm rifles and 10mm AR pistols chambered in this wonderful 10mm carbine caliber, all built with performance and accuracy at the forefront, so you never have to worry about your next shot. Start your 10mm PCC build here and build something truly unique that is reliable and durable beyond the competition.

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"Carving out a niche in the competitive firearms industry, BCA offers an attractive blend of quality, variety, affordability, and exceptional customer service. This unique mix has resulted in a robust customer base that respects Bear Creek not only as a firearms manufacturer but as a trustworthy and reliable brand."


-Unrivaled Craftsmanship and Affordability: Exploring Bear Creek Arsenal’s Impact on the Firearms Industry

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