VG6 Precision

Founded in 2013 and based out of Colorado, VG6 Precision is a leading manufacturer of firearm accessories and components. Creating some of the best muzzle devices in the industry, VG6 produces products that are widely used by professionals for their ability to improve the performance and accuracy of firearms. With advanced design and manufacturing techniques, they produce reliable and precise attachments for any firearm build. Bear Creek Arsenal is proud to provide handpicked muzzle devices that give the most to precision and reliability. Built with high-quality materials, each muzzle device can withstand the punishment of heavy use and makes the perfect addition to any armory. Join professionals around the world and equip a VG6 muzzle device today to enjoy a superior shooting experience with every pull of the trigger. 

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  1. VG6 EPSILON 556SL Muzzle Brake
    Special Price $72.24 Regular Price $84.99
  2. VG6 GAMMA 556 Muzzle Brake
    Special Price $72.24 Regular Price $84.99
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