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3 Facts about Rifle vs. Pistol Shooting



Whether you're new to shooting or just looking to broaden your horizons, it is important to evaluate the various nuances that make shooting a rifle versus shooting a pistol so much different. Here are three facts that can help you decide which weapon might be best for you. 

For protection and speed, the pistol offers fast, efficient shooting. A pistol is lightweight and holds more bullets, allowing you more maneuverability to avoid danger. Plus, you can shoot in rapid succession instead of stopping to reload after every few shots. 

A handgun is light, which also makes the recoil that much greater. This can cause your well-aimed shot to fly way off target. If you need accuracy at a distance, go with the rifle. A rifle is heavier and also has multiple points of contact with your body that can be used for increased control. 

All things considered, the same caliber bullet acts differently in a rifle than it does a pistol. If you want some real power and use the same ammunition in both weapons, your rifle shot will travel further and provide more power. This is due to the length of the rifle's barrel, which allows the bullet extra time to gather speed. 

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