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Welcome    to Bear Creek Arsenal

Bear Creek Arsenal is a family owned company located in Sanford North Carolina. Our employees take great pride in the fact our Arms are made in the USA! With over 40 years of precision machining experience and a commitment to quality and customer service, we are producing high quality, affordable firearms designed to bring years of reliable service.


What Customers Are Saying

  • Thank you Bear Creek Arsenal!!
    A fine rifle, you all should be proud.

    - Jim Puthoff, Celina, Ohio

  • Just bought from Bear Creek Arsenal went out Easter Sunday and loved everything about the gun.

    - Bryan Caviness, Tahlequah, Oklahoma

  • My AR15 built using a complete upper purchased from Bear Creek Arsenal. Cleaned her up, took her to the range and zero jams or anything after 500 rounds. 400 Federal and 100 tula

    - James B. Cook